Are You Deficient In Zinc? Call In For A Free Zinc Test

Are You Deficient In Zinc? Call In For A Free Zinc Test

Bev Dunne

Zinc is an important mineral when it comes to our health and Zinc deficiency can be caused by an inadequate intake or poor absorption of zinc by our gut. If we suffer from a poor digestive system or take certain pharmaceutical drugs we may not be absorbing zinc. Chronic stress and adrenal fatigue may also contribute to calcium, magnesium and zinc deficiency.

If we suffer from alopecia (hair loss), dermatitis, dry rough skin, delayed wound healing, poor ulcer healing, poor appetite, weight loss, recurrent infections, low sperm count, delayed onset of puberty, growth retardation, impaired sense of taste and smell, learning disorders, poor concentration and memory, low insulin levels, stretch marks and white spots on fingernail – we may be deficient in zinc.

Low zinc levels are associated with poor wound healing. Supplementing with zinc promotes wound healing. Up to 6% of zinc is stored in the skin. Zinc assists the enzyme involved essential fatty acid metabolism and therefore may help with eczema. As well it’s believed those suffering with acne may also have lower serum zinc levels and supplementing with zinc may improve acne.

It is also thought children suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder may have low levels of zinc. Low zinc levels have also been noted in people suffering from depression. Alzheimer’s disease is another disease where it’s believed supplementing with zinc may slow down cognitive deterioration. It's believed patients suffering from anorexia nervosa may also increase their weight when supplementing with zinc.

Male fertility or should I say low male fertility is linked to low zinc levels because of low sperm count, seminal volume, poor sperm mobility and reduced serum testosterone concentrations. One of the highest concentrations of zinc in the body is found in the prostate gland. Zinc levels decrease in the prostate tissue and prostatic fluid in men with prostate cancer.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral and a cofactor to over 200 enzymes in our body. In this supporting role to many enzymes, it assists with many functions.

Interestingly zinc is mainly absorbed in the small intestine therefore malabsorption disorders such as celiac disease can increase the need for extra zinc. I have written previously about Leaky Gut Syndrome which can cause many health problems such as skin disorders, malabsorption, allergies and auto immune disorders. Zinc supplementation can assist in tightening up and healing Leaky Gut in Crohn’s patients.

The best dietary sources include meat, egg yolks, dairy products, pumpkin seeds, liver, nuts, oysters, crabmeat and sunflower seeds. In addition, if we are low in zinc it is also important to take a zinc supplement.

If you are unsure as to whether you do need zinc you can call into our store where we can easily test for low zinc levels. This is a simple procedure – a taste test in fact – nothing invasive. Tomorrow is our Autumn Health & Wellness Day and as a part of the Free Health Checks offered in store will be a free Zinc Test.

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