Come Help Us Celebrate!

Come Help Us Celebrate!

Bev Dunne

Over the last few years, we’ve held our annual Thank You Gala Day Sale. This has been an event we’ve conducted at the end of each year, to thank our customers for their wonderful support throughout the year. This year however, it is not just to say thank you, it is a celebration. It’s a celebration of survival. It’s a celebration of the coming together of a community which has risen above the most challenging of years. Nobody could have ever anticipated the year we have experienced.

I, for one feel blessed, to be a part of such an incredible community. Against the odds, I believe we have come together to rise above so much adversity.

As I write this article, I can’t help but think about this time last year as I sat down to invite our customers to our annual Thank You Gala Day Sale. At that time, our town was shrouded in smoke. We already were a community on high alert. Some of us had been evacuated from our properties north of Batemans Bay with fires constantly threatening us. Already we had customers in store, fearful and telling their stories. Little did we know this was to become the ‘norm’ for the next two months.

The reprieve came with solid rains in February and our community gave a huge sigh of relief. We all gathered together, we supported each other and finally our community could start the healing process.  

And then COVID arrived!! Who would have ever thought? How does a community survive this? Well, hopefully, on the whole, I think we have.

So, this year is not just a Thank You Gala Day Sale to say thank you to our customers, this is a celebration!! And a SUPER THANK YOU to all our customers who have supported us throughout this hugely challenging year. Over the years we have strived to make our store not just a store where you bought your health foods, but a store where you, our customers felt you belonged. A store which had created a sense of community.

A few days after the New Years Eve fire when power was finally restored to our store, I realised this sense of community which we had strived for, was a reality. We sent a text message to our customers saying we were open, wanting to give hugs and to chat. Our customers came in, in fact they came in droves. I don’t think I’ve hugged so many people, or cried so much. In fact, this went on for weeks. I felt privileged that so many felt they could share their stories and bare their souls.

And then as we were starting to regroup, COVID hit. This was the next major challenge for our business. What to do? There were two main priorities – to keep our staff safe and to continue to service our customers. We launched our online store, offered free home delivery, phone and collect and only allowed customers to be served at our front door. We had no idea how this new mode of business would be accepted, but once again this incredible loyalty and sense of community from our customers meant we could trade through this difficult time. We were absolutely astounded at how grateful and appreciative our customers were.

So here we are now, 12 months on. And yes, there’s lots to be grateful for and there’s lots to celebrate. So please join us on Friday (18/12/2020) for our Thank You Gala Day Sale. Yes, there will be the usual Super Day discounts, but more importantly there will also be lots of fun and a frivolity. We’ve dusted off our Chocolate Wheel. Every customer gets to spin the wheel to win a prize. Everybody goes in the draw to win a hamper worth over $400. As usual I’m busy baking Christmas cakes and treats. We can’t give hugs!! But there will be lots of chat and smiles.  Please come help us celebrate!! We hope to see you there.