Healthy Easter Baking Tips. Make Your Own Easter Eggs!

Healthy Easter Baking Tips. Make Your Own Easter Eggs!

Bev Dunne

Easter is nearly here and maybe it’s a time for just a little bit over overindulgence. Did you know it’s actually possible to enjoy chocolate without the guilt? Yes, there is such a thing as healthy chocolate. Even better there’s also such a thing as healthy Easter eggs. In store we stock not only Carob Easter eggs for those that prefer carob, but also healthy chocolate Easter eggs. We also stock the ingredients and Easter egg moulds to make your own Easter eggs.

When we think of healthy chocolate one often assumes all dark chocolate is a healthy choice. Unfortunately, most dark chocolate today is highly processed, losing most of its nutrients and antioxidant qualities in this processing and leaving you with a wonderful dose of sugar and fat!!

So how do we find this healthy chocolate? We need to look for raw unprocessed chocolate known as cacao. Cacao is the ‘chocolate superfood’ we often hear about which is high in antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. Cacao is in fact the untreated seeds referred to as cacao beans which are grown on small trees known as Theobrom cacao which translated means “cacao, the food of the Gods” in the Greek language. Raw cacao is usually sold as whole cacao beans, cacao nibs which are peeled, finely chopped beans or as raw cacao powder, which is made from peeled, cold pressed cacao beans.

Raw chocolate or cacao contains many important vitamins and minerals and is therefore a beneficial food to include in your diet. Raw cacao powder can be blended into fruit smoothies, or with dairy, soy or rice milks. It can be added to your protein drink or yoghurt. The whole beans or nibs can be added to your favourite fruit and nut nibble mix, or even used to replace chocolate chips in ice cream, pancakes, muffins, biscuits etc.

Easter can be a great time to spend some time in the kitchen making some great Easter chocolate treats. Below I have included some of my favourite cacao recipes. Perfect for Easter overindulgences without the guilt!! The coconut rough slice is so easy to make and so so tasty. The Easter egg recipe is extremely simple and what great fun to make with the kids.