Herbal Relief For Nagging cough, Bronchitis & Upper Respiratory Infections

Herbal Relief For Nagging cough, Bronchitis & Upper Respiratory Infections

Bev Dunne

Over the past few years I’ve noticed more and more customers complaining about a persistent cough which just never seems to go away. For some, the cough persists for a few months and for others it just seems to roll on from one winter to the next.

Of course, at this time of the year those horrible coughs seem much more prevalent, with most coughs due to bronchial congestion or dryness connected to the common cold, the flu, bronchitis or upper respiratory infections.

In the past I have written about a formula which we have received excellent feedback on. One lady had suffered from a horrendous asthma/bronchial type cough for several years found her cough completely disappeared after taking this formula for 2 weeks. It was just astounding that after all these years, this cough just went. This is just one of many similar stories. Quite often we will have customers return to tell us finally they have been able to resolve their cough which they have been grappling with for weeks or months and sometimes even years.

Whilst this formula has been beneficial for many of our customers, I’m extremely pleased to now stock a new herbal cough formula which I believe will be even more successful in treating these bronchial ailments. Last week I wrote about the new range of herbal formulas which I was very excited about and this cough medicine is a part of this new range. Whilst this new formula does contain some of the herbs contained in the previous formula I’ve mentioned, this new formula also contains some new and exciting herbs. Plus through this new extraction process, is triple the strength of other herbal formulas on the market.

The positive testimonials on this new herbal formula are pretty amazing. One customer bought the product for her son who had a barking cough which couldn’t stop. Within 24 hours of taking the product the cough reduced by 95%. Another customer found after 3 days of taking the product, she had no symptoms of the cough she had been putting up with for years.  Another found the cough medicine removed mucous that had been at the back of her throat after suffering from Covid, Influenza and Pneumonia!

This cough formula contains the herbs Aster, Cynanchi,and Balloon Flower which are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve mild productive bronchial coughing, reduce bronchial coughing, reduce bronchial mucous congestion and clear respiratory tract mucous. Other herbs such as Stemona and Liquorice inconjunction with Aster may help relieve dry unproductive coughing by moistening the lungs. Another herb known as Platycodon is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms of sore throat and mild upper respiratory tract congestion. Pinellia and mulberry are also traditionally added to enhance cough and phlegm resolving actions, respectively.

This innovative new formula seems to certainly be ticking all the boxes when it comes to resolving some of the ongoing bronchial problems so many of us have been suffering from over the past few years.

Not only is this a great formula, it is made with only high quality medicinal ingredients using cutting-edge extraction processes – yes, triple the potency!! and it is manufactured in Australia.

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