Immune Health Tips

Immune Health Tips

Bev Dunne

What interesting times we live in. At this time of the year I’m often writing about detox tips, however, with customers now asking for advice on supplements to help their immune system, I thought perhaps it was appropriate to write this week about immune supplements.

Below are suggestions which we’ve found in the past may be helpful in assisting our bodies cope with the effects of colds, flu and viruses. However, I do stress it is important to note, this regime by no means over rides other professional health advice.

A formula which I have often written about and which may aid our immune system contains several herbs – Olive Leaf, Andrographis, Echinacea, Sacred Basis plus Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc.

For many years Olive Leaf has been one of those ‘go to’ herbs as it contains antiviral and antibacterial properties. Andrographis is an amazing herb which is great to take as a preventative as well as when we feel like we are on the verge of a cold or flu or viral infections. Andrographis is a traditional Chinese, Southeast Asian and Indian herb which has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Because of its powerful immune strengthening benefits, it has been used as a preventative for many diseases. Echinacea is another great herb which has been promoted as an immune booster for many years. Echinacea has traditionally been used to treat or prevent colds, flu and other infections plus stimulate the immune system to help fight infections. Sacred Basil is not a well-known herb; however it is also believed to boost the body’s ability to resist viral and bacterial infections.

Another important ingredient in this immune formula is Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C). We’re often asked what is the difference between Calcium Ascorbate and Ascorbic Acid also known as Vitamin C. By adding calcium salts to ascorbic acid a buffer to the ascorbic acid is created which enables far easier digestion and absorption. It is obviously far less acidic minimizing gastrointestinal discomfort. The remaining ingredients, Zinc and Selenium may also work well as immune boosters and aid in fighting bacteria.

Whilst this formula does contain Vitamin C, I like to add an extra Vitamin C powder to my health regime. I’m really impressed with a Vitamin C formula which not only contains three forms of Vitamin C – Calcium Ascorbate, Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate, it also contains Rosehips, Hesperidin, Orange Fruit Powder, Rutin, Quercetin, Grape Seed Extract, Bioflavonoids, Green Tea, Zinc Gluconate plus Elderberry Extract.

Whilst Zinc is included in both of the above formulas, I have also added an extra Zinc into this regime. Zinc is essential for the functioning of our immune system. It is required for the development of our immune cells and may help protect against respiratory tract infections.

For many years we thought of Vitamin D as the vitamin we needed to maintain good bone health. However, we now know Vitamin D plays a role in many other areas of our health. Vitamin D is believed to play an important role in stimulating immune response and contains immunoregulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

Recently I wrote about Quercetin which has often been found to be beneficial in treatment of allergies. Quercetin is high in antioxidants and is believed to contain anti-viral qualities. It is also thought one of the benefits of Quercetin when taken with Zinc, is Quercetin’s ability to transport the Zinc into our cells where it may diminish the replication of viruses. 

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