Reishi Mushroom's Amazing Medicinal Properties

Reishi Mushroom's Amazing Medicinal Properties

Bev Dunne

I’m sure most of us love the earthy flavour of mushrooms added to a savoury dish. However, most are not aware of just how beneficial mushrooms can be for our health. Mushrooms have been found to contain some amazing therapeutic benefits and have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

There’s estimated to be around 140,000 species of mushroom-forming fungi found in the world, although there’s only about 100 species being studied for their possible health benefits. The list of health benefits is quite astounding.

Reishi mushroom is one of the better-known therapeutic mushrooms. These mushrooms grow on the base of deciduous trees in tropical and temperate climates across Asia. Ancient Chinese writings describe the Reishi mushroom as the elixir of immortality.

This mushroom is often included in Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas, particularly immune formulas because the mushroom has been found to be helpful in boosting white blood cells, and in turn boosting the immune system. It has been found to reduce the growth of certain bacteria which of course means it can help fight viruses, colds flu and other infections. I have often written about immune formulas which include Reishi mushroom together with other immune herbs such as Astragalus and Siberian Ginseng. Obviously because of these immune-boosting qualities, Reishi mushroom is a great mushroom to be taking at this time of the year!

Just as importantly, reishi mushroom is known as an immune modulator, which means it can not only boost the immune system, when necessary, it can also reduce an overactive immune system. This means it may be helpful in treating autoimmune diseases, allergies, and asthma.

We know that allergies can often impact our respiratory system causing breathing difficulties as well as congestion. It’s believed Reishi mushroom may bring down inflammation and in turn aid our respiratory health. Reishi mushroom may inhibit the release of histamines and by blocking the release of histamines, this mushroom can ease allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes etc.

Reishi mushroom is also thought to be helpful in reducing fatigue. It contains a compound known as triterpenes, which may assist in enhancing cellular energy production and regulate hormones thereby increasing energy levels. Because of these benefits, this mushroom is often suggested for those suffering from adrenal fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome

Another important benefit of Reishi mushroom is its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression because of its calming properties. It’s thought this may be due it its capacity to increase serotonin levels in our brain. The compound known as triterpene not only assists with energy but also is known to be a mood-boosting compound.

It may also be beneficial in helping improve our cognitive function. When regularly taking Reishi mushroom many have found an improvement in cognitive function, enhancing mental clarity and focus. It’s believed to reduce inflammation in the brain and may even protect against age-related degeneration. Once again, this triterpene compound has come to the fore, helping with memory and mental alertness.

Another benefit of Reishi mushroom is its ability to help with sleep, especially deep sleep. Because Reishi mushroom may assist in reducing cortisol levels in our body, we can often feel more relaxed and calm, enabling better sleep.

Medicinal mushrooms come in several forms – powder, drops or honey pearls. With powder and drops they can simply be added to beverages or food. Honey pearls are another addition to the medicinal mushroom range. They are raw, unique, and based on 2000-year-old preparation method that optimises the absorption of mushrooms. By making mushrooms into Honey Pearls the active ingredients of the mushrooms are absorbed slowly and gradually over time, making them highly bioavailable and slow to release.

Medicinal mushrooms are now also included in beverages such as bone broths as well as cacao and coffee powders.

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