Best of the Bone Tandoori Spice has the grass-fed certified marrow-rich, collagen and nutrient dense Best of the Bone blended with delectable spices such as cumin, cardamon, garam masala, turmeric, chilli, and garlic.  

The richest bone broth in collagen protein; amino acids (19) including glycine, proline, arginine; essential fatty acids such as EPA, DHA and CLA omega 3s which are critical for brain and cardiovascular health as well as 80 trace minerals.

Best of the Bone is different from other bone broths in that they source our bones from certified grass programs (including the only government audited grass-fed program via the MPI in New Zealand) and they slow cook for 48+ hours to ensure maximum nutrient and marrow extraction.  Best of the Bone is not a de-natured powdered broth or collagen nor is it like others that are cooked at extreme heat using industrial-strength pressure-cooking - which destroys the enzymes.  Bone broth is, after all, considered one of the key foods for gut health and to address digestive issues such as IBS, leaky gut, even Crohn's.  

Best of the Bone Tandoori Spice is fantastic as a quick broth - simply pour a cup or mug of hot water and add a spoonful of Best of the Bone.  Stir and voila - a soothing, healing and satiating low carb, kept superfood.  And did you know that the essential fatty acids and gelatin from bone broth increase the body's absorption of micronutrients.  So add some veggies or meats to your Best of the Bone and you will get more out of it.  


Ingredients: Grass fed slow cooked NZ & Australian beef leg bone, organic turmeric, pepper, cardamom pods, ground cumin, ground coriander, garam masala, chilli, ginger, garlic, onion, sea salt.

Best of the Bone is also fantastic as a base for soups and sauces.  Use it for a rich, curry soup or a Tandoori chicken or veggie dish.  

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Best of the Bone Bone Broth Concentrate Tandoori Spice

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