All the positive energy of an ancient herb blend intended to assist the flow of Ch'i -
the essential breath of life.

An idea conceived in 1987.

Blended with the purest water, a little cane sugar, and a hint of honey and kiwifruit.

This is the drink that started us off. First sold in New Zealand in 1987, Australia in 1988, the Netherlands in 1990,and other countries since then.


A complex mix of the earthy herbs lifted by the delicate flavours of kiwifruit and honey. Not too sweet and made even better with a slice of lemon.

Described by its fans as incredibly refreshing.



Pure sparkling water, Cane sugar, Acid (citric acide), Herbal extracts, Preservative (sorbic acid), Antioxidant (ascorbic acide – vitamin c), Flavours (kiwifruit, honey).

Herbal ingredients include;
Ginger, Gotu Kola, Aloe, Fo-ti, Rhubarb root.

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Chi Herbal Mineral Water

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