This beautiful wood-grain effect, forest-themed, modern essential oil Aromatherapy Diffuser also functions as a Humidifier, Air Purifier and Night Light, comes with a one-year warranty and can operate for over 6 hours. Simply fill with water, add your favourite essential oils and enjoy the many health benefits.

Diffuser Details: 

This versatile diffuser can be used with doTERRA pure therapeutic grade essential oils to:

  • Create a peaceful and calm home environment;

  • Promote restful sleep;

  • Alleviate the symptoms of colds and flu;

  • Improve focus and concentration;

  • Remove harmful ions from your home;

  • Rebalance and humidify your home without causing damp, condensation or mould; and

  • Purify and cleanse the air in your home through the antibacterial properties of essential oils.

It can be used overnight, operates quietly and switches off automatically when the water is depleted - particularly useful if you use oils in the diffuser to alleviate cold or flu symptoms or if you suffer from insomnia. The night light can be turned off as well. 

The diffuser has an overall operating time of 4-6 hours. 

It works using ultrasonic vibration to evaporate the oil and water in a cold water vapour, so protecting the properties of the essential oil which are damaged when heated.

The diffuser comes fitted with an Australian plug, the water capacity is 200ml and the plastic is BPA-Free and recyclable.

Dimensions: 93mm X 157mm

Qty available: 0 SKU: 19984
Living Vitality Aromatherapy Diffuser - Tree of Life

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