Made from organic high oleic Peanuts which are freshly roasted and milled using an all-natural, chemical free process to extract excess fat, PROGANICS Powdered Peanut Butter is a gluten free, healthier peanut butter alternative that has lower fat, calories and sugar compared with traditional peanut butter.

PROGANICS Powdered Peanut Butter uses high oleic Peanuts which contain good fats which are commonly found in avocados and olive oils.

PROGANICS Powdered Peanut Butter can be mixed with water to form a traditional peanut butter spread, added to you cooking, smoothie bowls and protein shakes to add a delicious peanut flavour or it can be eaten directly from the packet.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Roasted Peanuts

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Proganics Powdered Peanut Butter Unsalted

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