Cayenne Pepper is high on the scale of spiciness. The active component of chilli peppers is capsaisin (cap-say-sin). Varying levels of capsaisin in chillies gives them their heat. Many people consume large quantities of cayenne pepper, often in capsule form, for the health benefits of capsaisin. Our organic Cayenne Pepper contains only ground, dried chilli peppers.



There are many chilli varieties, from the completely heatless capsicum, or bell pepper, to the ridiculously hot Trinidad Scorpian. The levels of heat in any variety will change depending on the soil and climate, so you can never assume the heat of any chilli. Of all the chilli varieties, Cayenne pepper is one of the most widely used. This is most likely because it’s used by many people medicinally. For cooking, the milder paprika pepper (2,000 SHU) is one of the world’s favorites. This ‘Chilli’ powder is punchy at 19,500 SHU, but not as fiery as our cayenne pepper.



Under medical supervision, many people take big doses of Cayenne pepper to support heart health, for pain management, to treat the symptoms of diabetes, and for various cancers.

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Pure Foods Essentials Cayenne Pepper

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