Cumin is related to parsley, celery and carrots! Cumin powder’s warming, aromatic and earthy flavour is often paired with coriander. The two are almost inseparable! Because cumin is used as a staple ingredient in dishes all around the world, it’s one of the essential spices to have in your pantry.



Cumin complements the gamey flavours of goat, lamb and venison and is an essential ingredient in most Indian recipes. The deliciously cooling Indian side dish, ’raita’ relies on the flavour of cumin with natural yoghurt. And the classic Middle Eastern ‘falafel’ relies on cumin for its unmistakable flavour. Try sprinkling cumin on food as a condiment like pepper, paprika and coriander, and on vegetables for baking. Cumin is an absolute essential in Mexican recipes, always used for seasoning tacos and burritos.

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Pure Foods Essentials Cumin Powder

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