A rye flour ground from the centre endosperm of the rye berry. This flour does not contain any of the outer seed coat, the bran, or the germ, so the flour stays fairly light in colour. This will produce a European style heavy loaf, add Kaipseed or Caraway seeds for an extra delicious flavour. We recommend that you blend it with higher protein flours or bread mixes if using a bread machine.

This flour is very low in gluten and best made by hand. 100% Rye Flour would need to be combined with other bread flours or mixes to produce bread made in your bread machine. If you want a rye bread made in your bread machine may we suggest trying our Light Rye Bread Mix or Dark Rye Bread Mix. These mixes work fine by hand or machine.

Ingredients: 100% rye flour

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Simply No Knead 100% Rye Flour

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