This is a high quality creamy white bread making flour which has not been treated with chlorine dioxide to bleach to preserve it. The words No Knead denote the high protein content which means that it does not have to be kneaded just shape when ready to make a ball of dough. If you wish to knead your dough that is fine too. Store flour in bag or container in a cool dry cupboard. It can be kept for up to 6-12 months but is best if used regularly to ensure its freshness. Perfect for all bread recipes- crusty high top loaf, bread rolls, french sticks fruit breads easy to use by hand or in a bread machine. 

Ingredients: Strong Wheat Flour, Vitamins(Thiamin, Folate)  Contains: Gluten
Product is Halal; Suitable for Vegan diets.
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Simply No Knead Untreated Bread Flour

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