Swell is really proud that all of their ingredients are naturally sourced. Their gum base and sweetener, but also their flavourings are all natural so chewers aren't putting any nasty synthetics in their mouths.

Swell gum is of course sugar-free, but they go further. While other gums use cheap artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sorbitol, Swell uses xylitol which is a natural sweetener and is great at fighting plaque.

Most chewing gums are made using plastic and synthetic rubber - the ultimate single-use plastic. Swell uses natural chicle which is a tree sap harvested from the sapodilla tree in Central America.

Because Swell gum is made of tree sap, it is biodegradable. But they also worked hard to develop eco-friendly packaging. Their pouches are made using recycled paper and bioplastic zip-locks meaning they're compostable too.


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Swell Plant-based Chewing Gum-Peppermint

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