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White Wolf Nutrition Custard Honeycomb 850gm


Organic Pea Protein, GOMCT-Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Powder (Derive from Coconut carrier Glucose Syrup), GoFat Cocoa Butter Powder, Emulsifier (E471), Flavours, Sunflower Lecithin, Stevia, Stabiliser (E340ii)

Introducing Australia’s first high protein, low carb, keto friendly no added-dairy custard.

This super smooth and creamy dessert with no added dairy, meaning no more upset tummies like you may get with other custards. White Wolf have created a full of flavour dessert, that you can enjoy guilt free and is packed full of protein with added healthy fats such as: GoMCT™ and GoFAT™ which are a combination of unique, high-potency, keto-friendly fat powders including MCT powder, and Cocoa butter aimed at curbing cravings.

•Vegan friendly 

•Low Carb

.No Added Gluten or Dairy

. Keto Friendly 


•100% Natural Sweetened and flavoured

•No Artificial Colours

How to Make - Plant Protein Custard
1. Combine contents (34g) custard with 80ml of cold water or milk or choice into a bowl.
2. Using a fork/spoon mix well.
3. Gradually add more liquid ( Max 150ml ) until your custard reaches your desired consistency.

How to Make -Protein Nice-cream
1. Combine one scoop (34g) custard with 100ml of cold water or milk or choice into a blender/ food processor.
2. Add one frozen banana.
3. Blend until it is a smooth yet thick consistency.
4. Enjoy straight away.
HINT. Freeze for 30 min for a more ice-cream like consistency.

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White Wolf Nutrition Custard Honeycomb
$59.21 $74.95

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