Green Medicine Clear Sinus

Green Medicine Clear Sinus is a Chinese Medicine remedy used to treat:

  • acute/chronic sinusitis
  • acute/chronic allergic rhinitis
  • a sinus headache and head colds

It provides relief for especially painful chronic conditions without side effects of an upset stomach. The combination of herbs has specific actions on the lungs and has powerful decongestant, antibacterial, sudorific, antipyretic and analgesic effects.



  • Cang er Zi
  • Xin Yi (Xin Yi Hua)
  • Zhi gan cao
  • Lian Qiao
  • Bai Zhi
  • Zhi Mu
  • Ye Ju Hua
  • Fang Feng
  • Jing Jie
  • Chai Hu
  • Chuan Xiong
  • Man Jing Zi
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Green Medicine Clear Sinus

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