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22 Feb 2017



I’ve been talking a lot of late about detoxing so today I thought I might talk about our detox and weight loss program which we run through our store and clinic.  For some people they’re fine buying their detox products and following a program by themselves.  For others it can be a bit daunting and also they like to have someone they can talk to regularly to help them progress through the program. 

I often say we tune up our car every 5000 km, we reboot and defrag our computers, and some of us even regularly do the dusting.   But when was the last time you tuned your liver, dusted off your digestion and rebooted your metabolism?
Often we’re asked why do we need to detox. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals and pollution, from our cosmetics, the pesticides from the food we eat to the pollution in the air and water.  Living in the Eurobodalla, unfortunately does not make us exempt from this onslaught of chemicals.

Some of you might be thinking that it is amazing that we are still alive with this chemical soup we live in.  In fact your body is constantly cleaning and eliminating these toxic substances probably without you even knowing.  It’s when our systems get overloaded that we begin to notice things are not quite right.  You may experience skin problems, allergies, digestive issues, foggy brain, a lack of energy, and a constant craving for the wrong foods.  You might even begin stacking on the weight or you might find losing weight difficult, because when the body can’t process toxins, guess where they end up? They are safely stored in the body as fat!

At Go Vita Batemans Bay we have been running a very successful detox and weight loss program for many years and during this period many people have taken advantage of this fantastic program to lose weight, boost energy levels and improve digestion.  Over time our detox program has evolved and is now run by Naturopaths Melanie Turner and Katie Urbanik in our Naturopathic Clinic.

This 8 week program offers recipes, weekly meal plans, and is divided into 4 specific detox stages.  As part of the program you will have a 1 hour Naturopathic assessment and weekly weigh-ins on our bio-impedance machine with your Naturopath during the program.  If you are looking to shed a few kilos or if you have any digestive issues, skin problems, allergies, or just feel sluggish and “blah”, this program could be your answer. 

Katie and Melanie have really raised the bar for those of you who would like to get outstanding results. The feedback from those participating in this program has been amazing.  One lady was ecstatic when she dropped from a size 16 to size 10, another lost 10 kilos and called the program “life changing”. 


Ring the shop today to book your appointment with Mel or Katie. 4472 9737.

In health,
Bev Dunne
Go Vita Batemans Bay

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