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30 Aug 2017

GO VITA Batemans Bay is paying for your Naturopathic Appointments in our clinic for the month of September!


This year Go Vita Batemans Bay turns 20 and a big part of our 20 year celebration is to give back to our community and our customers.


We would like to give everybody the opportunity to take control of their health by spending time with our Naturopaths in clinic, assessing their health and discussing treatment options.  We want everybody to get the right advice, not blindly self-diagnosing, sometimes spending money on health supplements they don’t need.


Consequently, for the month of September Go Vita Batemans Bay is paying for your 30 minute consultation with one of our Naturopaths. ***


Why should I see a Naturopath you may ask? 


Naturopaths focus on finding and treating the cause of illness, taking a holistic approach to healing by enabling the natural healing processes of our body. Prescription drugs sometimes only treat the symptoms of an illness.  This can quite often be a band aid treatment with those illnesses often reoccurring. 


Suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Your naturopath won’t just look at treating the symptoms but also look at why your bowel is irritated.


Suffer from allergies? Creams and anti-histamines are just another band aid treatment.  Your Naturopath will look at the core reason for your allergies.


Suffer from hormone problems, PMS or Menopause?  Your Naturopath can help balance your hormones plus treat those hormonal symptoms.


Our Naturopaths take the time to educate and encourage their patients to help them make better choices thus empowering them to attain better health for their entire lives.


As an introduction to Naturopathy, our Naturopaths will be on the shop floor next Tuesday, that’s Super Tuesday offering mini health assessments.  This is a great opportunity to have a preliminary chat with Katie and Mel, before seeing them in clinic.  In the afternoon Mel will also be offering mini iridology assessments.


*** Excluding programs such as the Detox and Weight Loss Program.

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