7 Sep 2017


Have you ever wondered if you’re using the right skin care for your skin?


Do you suffer from sensitive skin, maybe dermatitis, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis? 


I’m sure most of us have spent money trying many different skin care products, never able to find the best product for our skin.


As a part of our 20th Birthday Celebrations, Go Vita is offering their customers a complementary skin analysis consultation with our Juniper Skin Care Consultant on Friday 15th September.


In 2003 Juniper Australia was launched with a focus on aromatherapy and its excellent therapeutic properties to heal and support skin condition. This organic, totally chemical free skin care range was initially created to treat skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea.


Dermatitis, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Peri Oral Dermatitis and Sensitive Skin - Often when suffering from these sensitive irritated skin problems it is a constant struggle to find the right skin care to suit your skin.  Juniper has created these amazing formulas and step by step treatment regimes, which have helped many customers.  In fact, you really must read our astounding testimonials below.


Normal, Dry, Oily or Mature Skin - The Juniper range has been expanded over the years to also cater to normal to dry skin, oily skin and mature skin. Even if we don’t suffer from sensitivities, we are often stabbing in the dark, trying to find the right skin care, which is a good reason to book in to see our Juniper consultant.


Teenage/Acne Prone Skin - Juniper also contains a comprehensive Teen Range, including treatment for acne. The Teen Range products contain Bermagot, Lavender, Geranium and Australian Wattle seed for their antiseptic, pore refining and anti-inflammatory properties. These formulas help to control bacteria plus improve the health and clarity of the skin. Our Juniper consultant can help your teenager with an appropriate skincare regime.


Sun Damage and Pigmentation - Our harsh climate means many of us suffer from sun damaged skin or pigmentation on our face and body.  Juniper has created an effective regime to treat these conditions.


Scar Treatment - The Juniper range also contains a scar treatment serum.  I have had personal experience with this product and was absolutely astonished at the effectiveness of this serum.


Cellulite - This is something we would all prefer to avoid. Cellulite is an accumulation of water and toxic wastes in the connective tissue surrounding the fat cells.  Juniper has created a maintenance skin care routine for prevention and treatment of cellulite.


Pregnancy and Stretch Marks – During pregnancy our skin can change, with the skin becoming more sensitive and occasionally hormonal breakouts such as pimples or acne. Once again Juniper has recommended regimes for skin care during pregnancy.  To assist with prevention of stretch marks they also recommend their lovely Nurturing Body Oil. 


Due to the concentrated level of certified organic ingredients, Juniper is classified as a professional prescribed organic skincare range which is why this range is so popular and we have such amazing feedback from our customers.


“I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I am that I found Juniper products. About twelve months ago I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis - a large, red and very obvious rash around the nostrils and mouth area. After months of creams and potions (and countless dollars) using top of the range facial products, and others prescribed by medical practitioners to try to clear up the rash I was told that to use nothing was the best cure. By then my skin was dull, dry and looking very worse for wear. 


While at lunch with a friend I noticed her skin looking fantastic, clear, bright and healthy - if I had not known her better I would have sworn she had some "work" done. I asked her what she was using, and she told me about Juniper.


She had her Pure Rejuvenation Oil with her, and I put some around my rash. The calming results were instant, and I was hooked. 


I have been using your Sensitive range of products for about eight months now, and I could not be happier. Not only has my dermatitis completely cleared up, but my skin is so fresh that I am able to leave the house most days with no make-up on at all! Friends and family have commented on how youthful and fresh I am looking. The Calming Face and Body Wash is amazing! 


I have tried other sensitive ranges before, but have never been satisfied, always feeling as though the product was lacking something. Each time I use your products I feel like I am pampering myself - I can't wait to do my skin care regime every morning and night - it truly is luxurious!! 


However the biggest surprise for me was the cost. It is so unusual to find a product that lives up to what it promises to deliver, and is very affordable!  Well done for creating these products - I know I tell everyone I know about Juniper, and plan to continue using the products for many years to come.”


- Melissa


“My Son has super sensitive skin to all body washes and breaks out in an eczema like rash.  Thanks to the special kind of humans at Juniper Australia, who gave him some Calming Face and Body Wash to try we have never looked back and his skin is perfect.”


- Jade, Sydney, NSW


“I would like to personally thank you and Juniper for taking the time to assist in controlling my very sensitive skin.  I was diagnosed with Rosacea and eczema of the body after a very stressful time in my life.  You took the time to talk me through it and not just offer me a product that has helped my skin, but advice from the heart that changed the way I thought about food and particularly the health of my gut.  Upon you advise I now regularly consult a naturopath and my health is back on track.  I am still using my Juniper and swear by the Calming Face and Body Wash. You have a customer for life.  Thank you again.“


- Sam


“I don’t often write thank you letters but I had to share with you the effect your products have had on my son’s life.  He suffers from psoriasis and has since he was a young child.  I was advised to use your products by my Naturopath and the results have been dramatic.  The routine is simple which is so important with boys, he washes with the Calming Face and Body Wash, applies the Calming Treatment Serum and finishes with the Medibalm.  On your advice, we also got him checked for Pyrrole Disorder through our GP which he did have and is now being treated for naturally. 

I can’t thank you enough and recommend your products to all my friends.”


- Rita, Anna Bay NSW


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