4 Oct 2017


Some years ago there was quite a bit of publicity about a particular hair tonic we had been selling for many years.  In fact, there had been a television programme reporting the story of Willow, a young girl had been completely bald after being diagnosed with alopecia.  Willow’s dermatologist, advised Willow she would more than likely be bald for the rest of her life.   After 2 years of trying various remedies without any success, Willow was prescribed a traditional Chinese herbal formula.  After 2 weeks there were signs of new hair growth and today she has a full head of shiny, lustrous long hair.  Absolutely amazing!!


So how does this Chinese herbal formula work?  I guess first of all we need to understand the various phases of hair growth. The first phase is the growth phase which is when the hair is fed through the root deep in the follicle.  Interestingly this phase can last from between 2 to 7 years. The next phase is when the hair separates from the blood supply which until this time has been supporting it with nourishment.  Once this happens the hair stops growing.  The hair then goes into an inactive stage which is when you will see hair starting to fall out.


The problem of excessive and permanent hair loss can happen when the inactive hair follicles remain inactive for a long period of time.  This can mean there is more likelihood of lasting and irreparable loss of hair.  The Chinese herbal formula used by Willow, was formulated to assist in the rejuvenation of these hair follicles in the obviously important stage of the hair growth phase, plus boost the amount of usual healthy hair follicles in this growth phase.


This formula has been developed to not only treat hair loss and thinning hair but to also nourish dry, brittle hair and even premature greying hair.  The treatment of hair loss can include male and female pattern baldness which is sometimes called androgenic alopecia and also alopecia which includes spot or patching baldness.


This Chinese herbal tonic has been available for several years and over that time we have seen many testimonials of the success of the tonic – not just Willow’s which to me is testimonial enough.  One lady had for 5 years been using various prescribed creams to treat her scalp for patching baldness (alopecia).  She had spent hundreds of dollars on creams until she was prescribed the Chinese herbal tonic and as with Willow, started the regrowth of hair within weeks and within 12 months had a full head of hair, with no relapse of the problem.


Another young man at 23 started going bald, with his hairline receding and his hair thinning and noticeably falling out whenever he brushed his hair.  Within a month of taking the Chinese herbal tonic his hair stopped thinning and within 3 months stopped receding.  The hair has now thickened and is much fuller and healthier.


Another girl suffered dramatic weight loss after the stress of studying for her HSC.  This dramatically impacted on her hair, skin and nails.  After taking a multivitamin and the Chinese herbal tonic for 6 weeks her limp and lifeless hair looked amazing.  Her hairdresser even commented on how full and healthy her hair was with lots of volume stemming from the root to the end of her hair.


Now I know over time there have been many “snake oil” remedies for hair loss, however the above testimonials are genuine and accredited testimonials.  I often write about Chinese herbs and the great faith I have in this particular range of Chinese herbal supplements.  This once again is a product I have great faith in.  I guess there is never any guarantee however if you are suffering from alopecia, thinning hair or maybe lifeless, dry, brittle hair, I’m sure this tonic is worthwhile trying.  Besides, if you don’t believe me, just go on line to see Willow’s story – the proof is in the “before” and “after” photos!!


For more information on hair loss or any other health issue call in to see Bev and the team at Go Vita, Your Health Shop at 5 North St, Batemans Bay or phone on 44729737.  Don’t forget to tune in to Bev and Marianne on 2EC every Wednesday at 12.30pm on Go Get Healthy.


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