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28 Feb 2018

I’ve often written about the connection between poor gut health and many health issues such as depression and anxiety, allergies, weight gain, ADHD and autism and even Alzheimer’s.


We believe this to be such an important and relevant health issue, we are allocating the whole month of March to the exploration and education of gut health.  As with all health issues, information and education is imperative.  To this end, we are holding the following:


1-30 March

Complimentary Gut Health Naturopathic Assessments  

To assist in identifying the state of your gut health, our naturopaths at Go Vita are offering 15 minute complimentary gut health assessments in our naturopathic clinic. These assessments will be available for all of March.  Appointments are necessary. Call 4472 9737 to book or visit us at 5 North Street.


Complimentary Kombucha shots all month at Nourish on North

Kombucha is a refreshing fermented tea, rich in probiotics that is beneficial to achieving and maintaining gut health. Can't wrap your head around a fermented tea? Pop into Nourish and ask the gang for your free sample.



3 March  Super Tuesday

Complementary Iridology and Naturopathic Assistance

Our naturopaths Katie Urbanik and Melanie Turner will be on the shop floor to talk, one on one, with customers about gut health.  Melanie Turner will offer complimentary iridology from 1—5pm.


11 March Sunday 10am – 12.30pm at Nourish on North

Cooking For Gut Health    

with Melanie Turner, Naturopath & Accredited GAPS Practitioner

Learn the art of making gut healing foods, including broths (suitable for vegetarians and vegans), snacks, chia puddings, probiotic lollies.  Learn what foods can heal the gut, damage the gut and learn about prebiotics. $65 per person. Click Here to Book


21 March Wednesday  6 — 8pm at Nourish on North

Fermenting for Your Health 

with Katie Urbanik, Naturopath

Learn to make Kefir, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Lacto-Fermented Vegetables, Water Kefir, Kefir Cheese, Sourdough bread and Yoghurt. $65 per person. Call 4472 9737 to book or visit us at 5 North Street.


25 March SUNday  5 — 7pm 

The Gut Movie - a story of poo and the future of medicine

with Kale Brock, Journalist and Researcher

Q & A to follow with Kale Brock

Cost $20 in includes a gut health goodie bag from Herbs of Gold.  Book Here


Kale Brock is a journalist and researcher who has a passion for health, particularly gut health. Since he last visited Batemans Bay in March 2017, he has travelled to Namibia to live with The San, an ancient hunter gatherer people living traditionally on the land. This movie follows his personal journey into the impact of diet, environment and stress on the gut.  During his travels he monitored his own microbiome and how it changed in conjunction with his new surroundings. He also took microbiome samples of The San to gauge the significant difference in microbiota present across cultures.  It’s a great movie as it’s very insightful and informative whilst being very entertaining.  






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