29 May 2018

As many are aware I have recently been writing about the many therapeutic benefits of Moringa oleifera.  Over the years I’ve been extremely excited about the research I have found on Moringa oleifera and even more excited when customers reported the many benefits they have found using Moringa oleifera.  


I remember one customer had suffered from high blood pressure for 30 years and over that time had found it difficult to control his blood pressure even when on medication.  When he first started taking the Moringa powder his blood pressure was 180 over 90.  After only a few days he found his blood pressure started to lower and after two weeks was 140 over 50.  He had also suffered from high blood sugar and after taking Moringa oleifera his blood sugar reading had dropped by 3 points. Insomnia and fatigue had also been a problem and in his words, he was sleeping like a baby and up at 5.30 am out walking with lots of energy. His doctor was amazed at this transition in his health.


This customer was one of many who needed to adjust their blood pressure medication after taking Moringa oleifera.


As I have written previously, Moringa oleifera has been grown for centuries in Northern India and Africa.  Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine which has been practiced in India for centuries has been using Moringa oleifera during that time to treat high blood pressure.  Studies are now endorsing the use of Moringa oleifera for treatment of high blood pressure. A research study published in Phytotherapy Research in 2006, showed Moringa oleifera reduced blood pressure significantly in guinea pigs and rabbits under laboratory conditions.  The article, Pharmacological Studies on Hypertensive and Spasmolytic Activities of Pure Compounds from Moringa Oleifera studied the function of four chemical compounds discovered in Moringa oleifera leaves and their role in lowering blood pressure.  They found all four chemicals played some role helping to lower blood pressure. As a result the chemical structure of Moringa oleifera is now being widely researched to help establish the many therapeutic benefits of this plant.


Many other countries including the Philippines are now growing Moringa trees to help supplement the diet of their people.  Interestingly the Philippine Government has undertaken studies into the utilization of medicinal plants to address the high price of pharmaceutical products. As with many countries they have experienced a major increase in the prevalence of diabetes with the adoption of the Western diet and lifestyle. A study was undertaken on the effects on blood sugar levels when supplementing with Moringa oleifera leaf. With the two groups tested the group with normal fasting blood sugar levels did not see a significant change two hours after taking the Moringa oleifera leaf. However, in the group with hyper glycaemic fasting blood sugar levels, the blood sugar levels significantly dropped after 2 hours. 


A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2000 found when feeding Moringa oleifera to laboratory rats there was a noticeable lowering in the levels of bad cholesterol. The Moringa was fed to rats on a high fat diet as well as rats on a standard diet with a reduction in cholesterol overall.  Moringa oleifera contains Beta-Sitosterol a nutrient which blocks LDL, the bad cholesterol build up in your body.  It is also an anti inflammatory agent for your body. This Beta-Sitosterol is of similar structure to cholesterol. In fact it battles with cholesterol in the intestines thereby reducing the absorption of cholesterol, lessening damage to blood vessels and most importantly prevents build up of plaque in arteries and veins which can be caused by high cholesterol.


This nutrient dense powder seems to have a never ending list of therapeutic benefits.  I believe it is a fantastic supplement to take every day whether or not you may be suffering from any of the above diseases.  After all prevention is better than cure.


For more information on Moringa oleifera call to see Bev and the team at Go Vita, Your Health Shop at 5 North St, Batemans Bay or phone on 0244729737. Tune in to Bev and Marianne every Wednesday at 12.30pm on 2EC.


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