The Cough that won't Quit

30 Aug 2018

Scroll down for an infographic on the hygienic way to cough and sneeze. 


Over the past few years I have noticed more and more customers complaining about a persistent cough which just never seems to go away.  For some, the cough persists for a few months and for others it just seems to roll on from one winter to the next. Of course, at this time of the year those horrible coughs seem much more prevalent with most coughs due to bronchial congestion or dryness connected to the common cold, the flu, bronchitis or upper respiratory infections.   We have received amazing feedback from the formula I’m writing about this week.


In my 27 years in this industry there have been several formulas which really stand out and this Chinese herbal formula is one of them. I can’t tell you how many customers have come back, specifically to tell us just how well this formula has worked. Most have suffered from ongoing coughs, others from emphysema and even asthma.  One lady had suffered from a horrendous asthma/bronchial type cough for several years found her cough completely disappeared after taking this formula for 2 weeks. It was just astounding that after all these years, this cough just went. This is just one of many similar stories.


When we suffer from the common cold or flu, we are suffering from an acute viral infection which can cause inflammation in our airways such as our throat, sinuses, nose, our trachea and bronchi.


Quite often with the inflammation, we suffer from excessive mucus and an annoying cough.

When we talk about bronchitis, it’s important to know there are two different forms of bronchitis – chronic and acute.  Chronic bronchitis quite often means you have suffered from a constant cough for more than 8 weeks. This could be because you have an ongoing respiratory infection.  On the other hand, the bronchial cough may have arisen after ongoing contact with a range of irritants which have then caused excessive mucus in the lungs. Often with chronic bronchitis you will suffer from a productive cough. Acute bronchitis will usually be initiated with an irritating and unproductive cough which will quite often then become productive.  The symptoms of acute bronchitis will escalate quite quickly. Frequently after a cold or the flu, a respiratory infection will then cause inflammation of the trachea or bronchi.


Of course, there are many different categories of coughs. A spasmodic or dry cough can be related to irritated membranes from a virus or even an allergy.  This would usually be typified by a unrelenting dry cough or a sporadic cough which often includes wheezing and tightness. These symptoms are customary in asthma, hay fever, bronchitis and also as a follow on from an upper respiratory infection.


Then we have a productive cough which more often than not, is bronchial congestion instigated by a viral infection of the lower respiratory tract.  Usually if you are suffering from a virus, your sputum will be white to grey. If your sputum is yellow to green, the cough may be caused by a bacterial infection.


The other cough category is an unproductive cough which can be related to a viral infection of the respiratory tract with related inflammation.  Quite often you will also be suffering from tightness, breathlessness and congestion which is frequently difficult to cough up. You could additionally be experiencing   a sore throat finding it also hard to swallow.


This formula contains immune regulating as well as lung corrective herbs such as pinella, aster, houttunyia, platycodon and stemona.  Added to this list is licorice and thyme. We have found these herbs can assist as a decongestant and an expectorant, helping to expel mucus and phlegm and as well, assist with catarrh.  The combination should also help relieve coughing as well as acting a demulcent, soothing the irritated mucous membranes. The formula is available as a liquid or in a tablet.


For further information on this subject or any other health problem, call to see Bev and the team at Go Vita, Your Health Shop at 5 North St, Batemans Bay or phone on 44729737. Don’t forget to tune into Bev and Marianne on Go Get Healthy at 12.30pm every Wednesday on 2EC.




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