25 Sep 2018


At this time of the year, as we come out of the winter months, I’m sure like me, many will suffer a feeling of sluggishness and a need for a real kickstart.  Sometimes we’ve been overindulging on those winter comfort foods and more than likely, not exercising as frequently as we do in the warmer months.  In Spring I also feel like it’s a time of renewal and time to well and truly reactivate my health and wellness programme.  Which is why I’ve decided to undertake our naturopath Melanie Turner’s ‘Spring Clean Spring Boost Challenge’ in October. 


As you can image I have undertaken many detox programmes over the years.  However, I’m excited about embarking on this detox, as I will be undertaking the programme together with others who join the programme in October. Being a part of the programme means I can join a private Facebook page which I think will be fun. Melanie will be offering participants ongoing advice and tips, plus we can all share ideas on this page. I find when I embark on any health programme, it’s always much more pleasurable if I share that journey with other likeminded people.


With this in mind, I would encourage other members of our community to join us. Maybe you have a group of friends who might enjoy this challenge together, maybe family members or even co-workers. As I said it’s much more fun doing it with a group of people.


What I also love about this programme is Melanie’s booklet which offers comprehensive tips, meal plans plus recipes, AND it’s really affordable!! Melanie’s initial consultation is only $49. If you get together a group of 5 people, she will offer the programme for $39 each.  Melanie will suggest some supplements, however that’s entirely up to you as to whether you choose to buy these.


So, I know you’re thinking to yourself – do I really want to do a detox?  Is it going to be too restrictive?  I love Melanie’s line and it’s one I often use when talking to customers – “Doing something will always be better than doing nothing”.  I believe what you will also find is that once you are on the programme and particularly with the encouragement of Melanie, our staff and the other participants, you will find this journey much easier than you anticipated.  Plus, once you begin to gain the results, you will be keen to continue on this path to good health.  I often say, it’s not until we feel well that we realise just how unwell we previously felt.


So why would you undertake a detox?  Below are some obvious reasons.

  • Fatigue. For some constantly feeling tired seems to be normal. You seem to wake up every morning and still feel tired. Or worse, you don’t sleep and insomnia seems to become your enemy. Many are amazed at how their energy levels increase after detoxing.

  • Digestive issues eg constipation, diarrhea, reflux, ulcers, gas build up, bloating, wind pain. So many people live with digestive problems and believe it is something they just have to live with.  This simply isn’t the case.  I have seen so many customers over the years amazed at how their digestive issues have been resolved after undertaking a sensible detox.

  • Allergies and hay fever.  Poor liver function goes hand in hand with allergies. We also know good gut health is integral to resolving these health problems.

  • Weight gain. When our liver becomes overburdened our body stores toxins in fat cells to be processed. Detoxing our liver can be helpful in kickstarting weight loss.

  • Skin rashes, Psoriasis, Eczema. Impurities in the blood, poor liver function, overgrowth of candida, gut issues and stress can impact on our skin. Detoxing can be helpful in addressing these problems.

  • Brain fog. Do you feel like you just can’t think clearly and you don’t seem to be able to concentrate properly? Detoxing may help, particularly if you are suffering from a candida overgrowth or heavy metal accumulation.

So, I’m putting it out there.  Join me in October in taking up Melanie’s Spring Clean Spring Boost Challenge. Below are several testimonials from some of Melanie’s patients who have already taken up the challenge in September.


If you want to know more call into the store or come chat with Melanie this Super Tuesday. She will be on the shop floor chatting about this exciting programme.


"Thanks Mel, for sharing your detox program, a wealth of knowledge and passion for holistic health. As someone that is usually constantly hungry, tired and always looking for the next meal or snack, I am very surprised and relieved that I feel focused and satisfied after meals. I was sceptical about the "cleanse” thing, especially being Vegan – but I am now looking forward to seeing more positive results- Especially since I dropped 2kgs in the first week!" - Bec

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