29 May 2019

It seems for decades we have been led to believe the only way we could keep our homes clean was by using chemical laden and often toxic cleaning products. Many of these products have now been found to be not only detrimental to our health but also to the environment.  

Unfortunately, as we have become aware of this, there has also been a plethora of companies jumping on the bandwagon, promoting so called ‘natural’ cleaning products which are not much better than those chemical laden cleaning products we used for decades.

20 years ago, Mark Netherway and his wife Nicole Bijllsma, building biologist, naturopath and author of ‘Healthy Home, Healthy Family’, established the Australian College of Environmental Studies. They found more and more, the chemicals used in our homes were the primary reason for many of our illnesses. Their own personal experience with poor health after moving into new home, and further research on chemicals in household products, electromagnetic fields and allergens such as mould, led them to the conclusion that our homes could be making us sick.  In fact, a report published in 2017 found outdoor air pollution kills more people in Australia than the road toll and indoor air quality is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. (BITRE, 20187;OECD, 2014: US EPA 2017).  

As Nicole notes in her book “In the past 30 years, new cancer diagnoses have almost tripled, hospital admission for life-threatening allergic reactions have increased four-fold, breast cancer has doubled, male sperm count has halved, the age of puberty is declining, and learning and behavioural disorders in children have skyrocketed.”  Many believe these conditions could be linked to the chemicals in our home.

Nicole and Mark became exasperated when they could not find a cleaning product range which was high quality at a reasonable price. Out of this frustration came a desire to create their own cleaning product range which was solely plant and mineral based. They used only food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients which meant their products were 99.99% pure, with no fillers or hidden ingredients. In contrast, many other companies sourced only industrial grade ingredients being only 72% pure – with the other 28% being the concern. They also used only pure essential oils – no sickly, overpowering, artificial fragrances!

The Abode range has evolved into one of Australia’s more respected and flavoured ranges because the products contain no nasty chemicals. There’s no petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, phthalates, or other harmful ingredients which can often be found in many household cleaning products. Their ingredients are sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly and grey water safe.  The range is 100% cruelty free with nothing being tested on animals and is vegan friendly. It is also proudly Australian made and owned.

As with Mark and Nicole, we had been searching for some time, looking for what we believed was the right cleaning range for our store. Recently we installed the range of Abode cleaning products and already it has been a huge hit with customers and staff.  I can just about guarantee once you try the Abode cleaning range you will be tossing out all your old cleaning products and switching over to abode.  I love this range!!  It’s amazing and we have Nicole and Mark to thank for their passion and persistence to create such a range.

Nicole’s book is also available in store.


Abode Dish Liquid is a concentrate which comes in Ginger & Lemongrass; Lavender and Mint; and Fragrance Free. This concentrated dish liquid provides lots of bubbles, leaving sparkling clean dishes and has been found to clean the dirtiest of dishes without leaving a chemical residue. It’s also gentle on your hands – always a bonus!  Great for people with skin sensitivities.


Abode Dishwashing Powder dissolves quickly and delivers great cleaning power. Because of its unique formula it leaves glasses shiny, cutlery sparkling and even descales the machine.  


Abode Fruit & Veggie Wash is a safe way of removing dirt, bacteria, toxic sprays and other contaminants from our fruit and veg.  Just washing in water is not going to be effective especially when our fruit and veg is covered with waxes and emollients.


Abode Natural Surface Spray comes in Lavender & Mint; and Lemongrass & Ginger. It cleans your household surfaces leaving your house smelling like a home instead of that horrible overpowering clinical smell. It is not recommended for timber surfaces.


Abode Floor Cleaner is a high performance non-citrus floor cleaner which doesn’t leave streaks. Because it contains eucalyptus essential oil it also leaves your house smelling fresh and clean without the strong smell of ammonia or bleach. This should not be used on timber floors.


Abode Timber Floor Cleaner is a non-citrus floor cleaner which is pH neutral and specifically designed to be gentle on timber floors. It is not only effective in cleaning the floor but also doesn’t leave streaks which is quite often a problem with other products.

Abode Window Cleaner contains certain plant derived and mineral based ingredients which enables this cleaner to leave the glass clean as well as streak free.


Abode Mould Control Spray is a unique formula which is used to clean away mould, especially when used regularly as a maintenance and preventative. It is a safe, toxin-free, healthy PLUS fume-free alternative to other mould-removal products. I love this product!!

Abode Bathroom Cleaner is designed to cut through soap scum, dirt and grime found in bathrooms without using bleach and other toxic chemicals. Leaves no toxic fumes just the lovely aroma of Rosemary and Mint.


Abode Toilet Cleaner is a unique natural cleaner which removes stains without the need to use bleach. It leaves the bathroom smelling fresh without that horrible ammonia smell.

Abode Laundry Liquid is an innovative biodegradable product which differs from other so called ‘green’ products. Unlike some ‘green’ products it does not contain coco betaine and sulphates which are allergens and often cause skin irritations. It also does not use other nasty chemicals however remains a powerfully effective laundry liquid. It comes in Fragrance Free; Lavender & Mint; or Eucalyptus.


Abode Laundry Powders are concentrated which means they are not only made from top quality ingredients without nasty chemicals ingredients, they are also great value for money!!   They come in Lavender & Mint; Eucalyptus and Fragrance Free.

Abode Fabric Softener is fragrance free. Although it is free from nasty chemicals it still leaves your clothes, sheets and towels wonderfully soft.


Abode Wool & Delicates is a highly concentrated Woolwash which means it only requires a small amount to effectively clean woollens and delicates. The Blue Mallee Eucalyptus essential oil contained in this softener leaves clothes smelling amazingly fresh.


Available in Bulk  If you prefer to bring your own container and buy in bulk, we now have available laundry liquid, laundry powder plus dishwashing liquid.


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