9 Jul 2019


When we opened our health food store in Batemans Bay store 22 years ago in 1998, we committed to carry high quality, ethical products. When it came to vitamin and herbal supplements, it was important the supplement ranges be of superior quality and where possible, innovative formulas. We wanted our customers to gain the best results possible.


One of those high quality, ethical supplement ranges was Fusion Health.


In 1999 Fusion Health was established in Byron Bay by co-founder Paul Keough. Paul through his naturopathic practice consistently found his combinations of Chinese and Western herbal extracts generally delivered more effective therapeutic benefits than Western herbal extracts alone.


Paul became passionate about making these formulas available to all Australians and together with his business partner, Geoff Teasel they opened Fusion Health in Byron Bay.  Paul and Geoff over the years gathered a great passionate team around them and Fusion Health became iconic in the health food industry as THE supplement range to stock. There are many reasons for this.  Their formulas are professionally formulated in Australia, they are manufactured to Australian standards and they source high quality herbal and nutraceutical active ingredients from around the world.  In fact, I can remember there have been times when a product has been unavailable, and this has been because a particular ingredient has not passed their strict standards. This meant the product was out of stock for some time, however Paul’s strict standards were adhered to.  Paul continues to play an important role in formulating new products.


I feel pleased to claim our store was one of the first health food stores to range Fusion products.  Our staff loved Fusion, as did our customers.  It was one of those ranges we felt extremely confident recommending.  More often than not, customers returned more than pleased with the results they had gained from their Fusion products.  Customers have often gained outstanding results with Fusion products, often when they were at the end of the road and hadn’t been able to achieve results elsewhere. Whether it be an ongoing cough which simply wouldn’t go away; a virus or cold which just kept on coming back; glandular fever or ross river fever which was so debilitating, nothing seemed to help; regular bouts of cystitis which never seemed to be resolved; finally finding relief for their sciatic pain; no longer suffering from morning sneezing fits from allergies or suffering from debilitating skin rashes !   These are just a few of the health issues I remember we have often been able to resolve with Fusion Health products.  Of course, many customers also use Fusion Health as a preventative with great results.


From a small company Fusion Health grew into Australia’s largest supplier of Chinese herbal medicines in health food stores. That grass roots passion and commitment however still remains and whenever I’ve spoken to Paul, he has always impressed me with this knowledge and passion for Chinese herbal medicines.


To give our customers the opportunity to experience the positive results of the Fusion range, for this month only we are offering a 20% discount off the now extensive the Fusion range.  We want everybody to have the opportunity to experience the results gained when using this range.


Call in to chat to Bev and the team in store.  You will find our staff keen advise you on the best supplement for your wellbeing.

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