Address Your Sugar Cravings With Simple Measures

Address Your Sugar Cravings With Simple Measures

Bev Dunne

There have been some very interesting and informative movies, television programs and books written over the years on the negative impact of sugar on our health.

Sugar cravings are more than a lack of willpower. There is in fact a physiological reason why we crave sugar. It is surprising just how many people have this compelling desire for high carbohydrate and high sugar foods. These desires involve similar mechanisms engaged by opiates and the pain/pleasure centre of the brain.

Many would not realise, that when we frequently eat sugary foods, we can often be setting up a cycle that leads to sugar cravings which we then struggle to resist and then become an addiction. The answer to overcoming this sugar addiction is to break this sugar cycle and quell these sugar cravings. Easier said than done I can hear you say, however, once we have overcome these sugar cravings for a reasonable period of time, our body will revert back to what is normal.

The good news is there is a range of therapeutic herbs and minerals that may help us overcome these sugar cravings. One of the most interesting is Gymnema. The leaf of this plant contains gymnemic acids which believe it or not when placed on the tongue impedes our ability to taste the sweetness of the sugars. It is believed to be helpful in avoiding sugar cravings and depleting the desire for high-sugar foods. In fact, it is also thought, that this herb when ingested, blocks intestinal absorption of sugar which then prevents blood sugar from increasing after eating sugar.

Who would have thought Cinnamon the spice we all know so well, could help with sugar cravings. Cinnamon effectively stabilizes blood glucose levels, reducing insulin spikes particularly after meals. Insulin spikes often lead to consuming more sugar which is what we don’t want.

Then we have the herb Fenugreek which has also been found to regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin levels. Fenugreek appears to slow down sugar absorption whilst stimulating insulin production. Because Fenugreek improves glucose control there is also a noticeable decrease in sugar cravings.

Chromium is the other supplement that works well when it comes to sugar cravings. I witnessed the effectiveness of Chromium first-hand many years ago when I gave it to my 8-year-old son. For years despite being fed a healthy diet like the rest of the family, he was obsessed with sugar. If there was sugar in the house, he would pull the pantry apart to find it!! I began to realise this was more than just a young boy’s need for a few sweet treats. Within a few days of supplementing with Chromium, these sugar cravings completely disappeared and never returned.

For some, to gain the best results it is often better to include all of the above ingredients in one supplement. For others, just taking Chromium is enough to overcome their sugar cravings. Over the years I have often suggested using these supplements to overcome sugar cravings with fantastic results. I remember one customer could not believe after taking such a supplement, her need to consume a packet of lollies after every evening meal had completely gone. This is one of many similar stories. Most customers are amazed at how effectively these supplements work. For many it has meant they can now lose weight as their sugar cravings will no longer sabotage their weight loss program.

To avoid these cravings it is also important to begin your day with some protein - maybe a protein shake or eggs. It is best to avoid high-carb foods such as cereals (especially sugary cereals) and toast. Remember the more carbs/sugar you eat the more you will want. Eating grains for breakfast and lunch, particularly without protein, is setting you up for a mid-afternoon crash where you start to feel really fatigued and are compelled to eat a high-carb/high-sugar snack. It is always important to include some protein in each meal or snack. Make sure you eat every 3 hours to avoid blood sugar drops.

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