Bee Pollen - A Complete Energy Food

Bee Pollen - A Complete Energy Food

Bev Dunne

How many people feel these days like their bodies are running on 2 cylinders instead of 6? Most people unfortunately pay more attention to the grade of petrol they put in their car than they do to the grade of food they put into their body! For radiant health you need a good supply of essential nutrition.  It is not a matter of just filling your stomach, your body must have enough vitamins, minerals and enzymes to function.  

The secret to unlimited energy has been known for thousands of years however like so many natural helpers it has been forgotten in our rush to embrace medical drugs and the false promises of artificial stimulants.  The ancient people of the Middle East knew the answer as did the Chinese, Native Americans, old Egyptians and even the Incas.  The secret was revealed in the Bible, the Koran and in the Hebrew Bible.  This food was known to the ancients as Bee Pollen.  

It is quite amazing when you see the nutrients contained in what we might think of as quite an ordinary product. Bee Pollen could in fact be thought of as a complete food. Bee Pollen has most known nutrients in a concentrated form and the most easily digested and absorbed.  Bee Pollen contains at least 18 amino acids – amino acids are known as the ‘building blocks’ of your body essential for life and rebuilding worn out cells.  It is also the ultimate multivitamin containing 28 vitamins and 28 minerals – the whole range needed for health plus 11 enzymes – they are the energy-releases in your body.

Because of our lifestyle, diet and eating habits most of us have a problem with too few essential fatty acids.  They are called ‘essential’ because it is essential we get it from our food and most of us don’t.  However believe it or not Bee Pollen contains 24 fatty acids. Bee Pollen has 11 carbohydrates.  We all know we need carbohydrates for energy however they must be the right sort.  The joy of Bee Pollen is that while it is rich in minerals and other health promoting nutrients it is very low in calories.

Interestingly Bee Pollen can remain inactive for thousands of years and still be reactivated.  The secret is it is in a shell that is incredibly hard and resistant.  The problem here is that it is equally resistant to your digestive system, so with ordinary Bee Pollen you will not get anything like the amount you think you are getting. However New Zealand experts have devised a way to crack open this hard shell and by doing this they potentise the pollen.  That simply means that it is now a very powerful easily accessible and digestible nutritional food.

 The general consensus from customers taking Bee Pollen is that their energy levels increase and they experience a greater feeling of general wellbeing.  Interestingly in ancient days Bee Pollen was a staple for Greek athletes preparing for the Olympics and today athletes continue to use Bee Pollen in their training.  

It has been found that heart disease can be traced to a deficiency of vitamin B6 and an increase in homocysteine (breakdown product of the amino acid methionine).  Foods that have a high B6 content and a low methionine content are:

Bananas - ratio 40:1

Carrots - ratio 15:1

Onions - ratio 10:1

Bee Pollen - ratio 400:1

This supports the notion that Bee Pollen may very well help build immunity to heart disease.  I would say this in itself is a good reason to supplement with Bee Pollen.

Bee Pollen is available in capsule or as a granule. The granules can be sprinkled on food or included in your favourite smoothie.

For further information on Bee Pollen or any other health issue call in to see Bev and the team at Go Vita Batemans Bay, Your Health Shop at 5 North St, Batemans Bay Tel 44729737.