Chlorophyll Helping With Bad Breath And Body Odour

Chlorophyll Helping With Bad Breath And Body Odour

Bev Dunne

As embarrassing as these problems may be, it is important to know there may well be some simple solutions when trying to address these conditions. One of these solutions is to take a chlorophyll supplement. As many would know, chlorophyll is this amazing green substance found in plants which stores sunlight and transforms it into energy. Chlorophyll is also known for its deodorising and cleansing properties, hence its benefit when treating bad breath and body odour. Chlorophyll literally cleans our body from the inside out by detoxifying our body of the toxins which can cause body odour and bad breath.

With bad breath it is also helpful to try to find the cause. Quite often the cause may be because of poor oral hygiene, poor digestion, constipation or even sinusitis or bronchitis. If the source of bad breath is from the mouth it is most probably going to be the teeth. Brushing our teeth and flossing regularly removes rotting food particles lodged between the teeth which can cause bad breath and tooth decay.

The next, and a very common problem is poor digestion. When the digestive system is not working well it can be the cause of bad breath and we will find our breath becomes worse when our stomach is empty. To assist in healing the digestive system, it is important to also supplement with a probiotic to re-florinate the gut and bowel with good bacteria. Quite often the gut and bowel will suffer from an overgrowth of bad bacteria, causing a problem with the digestive system. This can be more of a problem at this time of the year when we may have been overindulging. Of course, when dealing with constipation it is important to drink lots of water and eat sufficient fibre.

Sinus congestion, bronchitis and infected tonsils can also cause bad breath when mucous or pus builds up in the airways creating an unpleasant odour.

When it comes to body odour, we’re not just talking about underarm body odour but also foot odour. With the warmer weather and humidity, body odour can become more problematic. Once again because chlorophyll cleans from the inside out, it can be quite helpful. In fact, customers are constantly amazed at how well chlorophyll works for these problems. It can also be helpful for faecal odours – it’s much more pleasant if we can leave the toilet after our bowel motion, with a much more pleasant odour or no odour at all!!

Another important benefit of chlorophyll is its ability to bind to toxins, heavy metals, and some carcinogens, deterring absorption and thereby removing them from our body. One would think this is reason enough to take a daily dose of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is also rich in trace minerals and has almost the same chemical components as human blood. As such, it is a useful tonic for building red blood cells. By boosting red blood cell production, it also enhances our blood’s oxygen-carrying capability.

I often write about the benefits of an alkaline body. Taking a daily dose of liquid chlorophyll may also be beneficial in maintaining an alkaline body.

For many the deodorising and cleansing benefits of chlorophyll make it an essential part of their health regime. For me, the fact that chlorophyll not only helps to alkalise my body but also helps to removes toxins and heavy metals, means it’s an important part of my everyday health regime. Chlorophyll is available in a concentrated liquid, flavoured with spearmint for a more palatable taste.

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