Detox Your Body With Moringa

Detox Your Body With Moringa

Bev Dunne

Last week I wrote about one of my favourite herbs, Moringa. What an exciting nutrient packed leaf this is. The more I have researched Moringa oleifera over the years, the more excited I have become. It is believed one of the most notable benefits of Moringa oleifera is the ability to detoxify the body, particularly the liver.

Moringa oleifera may assist in reversal of toxic damage to the liver together with prevention of damage by hepatic toxicity caused by chemicals. In fact it is believed there are several chemical elements to Moringa oleifera which may shield liver cells from toxicity damage.

When we think of detoxifying the body, for many it is all about detoxifying the liver from too much alcohol and rich food. Of course, that is a good reason to detox and in fact Moringa is believed to help reverse liver damage caused by unhealthy foods and alcohol. Many will not realise however the detrimental effect of heavy metal toxicity on our health. Even if we are following a healthy lifestyle, we may still be absorbing a certain amount of heavy metals in our body. Toxic heavy metals regrettably exist in our environment and are absorbed into our body every day. Think about it – we are on a daily basis exposed to heavy metals through the food we eat particularly if processed, the utensils we use to cook or store our food, cleaning products in our homes or workplace, insecticides used on or around our food and even sometimes the air we breathe. Our cosmetics and personal care products often contain aluminium, we may have mercury fillings in our teeth, smoke cigarettes or be exposed to second hand smoke. The list goes on. Exposure to heavy metals seems inevitable in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, heavy metal toxicity may contribute to many diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, brain and neurological disorders, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and many more.

I have often written about the necessity to regularly detox our body with a liver supplement or maybe a specific supplement formulated for detoxing the liver and bowel. What I find exciting about Moringa is it may not only assist in detoxing and maintaining a healthy liver, Moringa also has so many other added health benefits.

In light of our ongoing exposure to toxins, it just seems common sense to take Moringa oleifera as a daily supplement. And whilst we are ensuring these toxins are being eliminated from our liver we may have the added bonus of our blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol being maintained at a healthy level. If you’re not convinced yet about the benefits of a daily dose of Moringa, just think about the energy boost and the health benefits you may receive just by taking this nutrient dense supplement. Moringa oleifera contains over 92 nutrients, enzymes vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, antioxidants and micronutrients which quite often are no longer available in our soil, particularly in Australia. The leaves also contain 46 antioxidants to help fight free radicals in the body. It has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners in India and recently highly accredited institutions such as John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore have undertaken research finding many positive results.

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