Gelatin Hydrolysed Collagen For Joint Pain

Gelatin Hydrolysed Collagen For Joint Pain

Bev Dunne

It’s interesting how we seem to sometimes come full circle, especially when it comes to health, turning our attention to old remedies or eating habits to find the answer to better health.

Sometime ago I was prompted to do my research into the therapeutic benefits of gelatin after a customer who was suffering from terrible joint pain, delightedly told me she had been able to reduce her intake of pain killers from 8 to 2 a day after supplementing her diet with gelatin.  As you can imagine I found it absolutely amazing that a food source such as gelatin could have such positive results.

It is believed the collagen contained in gelatin has a beneficial effect in repairing cartilage and other connective tissue around the joints. Gelatin in fact comes from the protein collagen found inside animal bones and cartilage.  It is the principal protein utilized by the body to construct the cartilage which covers the bones in our joints. When we ingest gelatin, a percentage of this collagen contained in gelatin will assimilate into the joint cartilage.  It’s obviously a slow process to rebuild this cartilage however the anti inflammatory and pain relief from ingesting gelatin is far quicker with some finding a similar effect as pharmaceutical pain relief. The collagen contained in gelatin contains amino acids such as glycine, proline, alanine and hydroproxproline which have great anti inflammatory properties which also helps with increasing flexibility and mobility.

Gelatin is also high in protein – in fact hydrolysed collagen gelatin is 96% protein which is also helpful for muscle growth.  As we age it is more difficult to maintain and build muscle which means supplementing with hydrolysed gelatin collagen would be a great way to maintain muscle mass.  It is also helpful if we are exercising and particularly if trying to build and tone muscle.

Bone health and treatment and prevention of osteoporosis is another health issue which may be helped with hydrolysed gelatin collagen.  By boosting the nutrient absorption of bone-building nutrients such as Vitamin K2, Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium and other essential nutrients, hydrolysed gelatin collagen is believed to be helpful in building healthy bones. Our bones are living tissue requiring vital nutrients to remain healthy otherwise they will weaken and die.

In contrast to our modern day diet, traditional diets contained much more collagen and gelatin.  These traditional diets included parts of the animal which were high in gelatin such as tendons, skin, bones, cartilage and other gelatinous cuts of meat. Today we eat mainly muscle meats which are comprised of another type of protein and this means our bodies are deficient in the collagen and gelatin-based proteins.

Bone broths have become very popular because the animal bones used in these broths are packed with collagen which then turns to gelatin when simmered in hot water. If you don’t have the time or desire to make bone broth we do sell bone broth in our store.  I would also suggest supplementing your diet with gelatin powder.  Not all gelatin powder is the same.  We stock a premium grade collagen hydrolysate beef gelatin as well as marine collagen which is cold water soluble, unflavoured and mixes well in juice or any other beverages. The low molecular weight of this hydrolysed collagen powder enables higher absorption.

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