Going Dry This July? Help Your Liver Detox!

Going Dry This July? Help Your Liver Detox!

Bev Dunne

With next month being Dry July Month and if we’re considering abstaining from alcohol for July, maybe it’s also worthwhile considering, whilst we’re off the alcohol, going a step further and undertaking a liver detox to really give our livers a really good reboot. Undertaking a liver detox for 2 weeks can really make a difference in our energy levels and the general feeling of wellbeing.

When undertaking a liver detox, if possible, it is best to remove from our diet those foods which may be somewhat taxing on our liver. Foods such as red meat, dairy products, fatty foods, sugary foods, coffee, tea, and alcohol. My advice when undertaking a liver detox diet is to keep it simple. Don’t stress too much about the food. Set out a simple meal plan. Porridge, natural muesli, fruit, or egg on wholegrain toast for breakfast. Chicken, egg, fish, veggie patty with salad on a wrap or sandwich for lunch. Vegetable soup, chicken, fish, or veggie patty with salad or steamed vegetables for dinner. Snacks can include fruit, nuts, or wholesome crackers. I also like to add in a healthy smoothie which can give you extra zing throughout the day. Beginning the day with warm water and lemon juice can also be helpful. In store, we have a recipe book specifically for detox diets which customers often find helpful. Plus, there are recipes.

It is also important to include a good liver tonic which may help improve our liver function and promote detoxification. One of my favourite liver tonics contains several herbs which have traditionally been used to promote healthy liver detoxification plus elimination of waste.

Many would know of one of the most common and important herbs used in liver tonics - St Mary’s Thistle (Milk Thistle) which is believed to support the health and function of the liver cells. It is thought to be especially helpful in assisting to relieve digestive problems such as indigestion and bloating. I like this liver tonic because it contains a very high dosage of St Mary’s Thistle (18,000mg).

It also contains a high dosage of Globe Artichoke. This herb is believed to not only protect the liver but also have a protective and restorative effect on the gallbladder. Our gallbladder and liver work together and globe artichoke is especially helpful in aiding sluggish digestion.

Taurine is also part of this liver formula. Taurine is understood to help protect the liver from oxidative damage thereby ensuring the the liver cells efficiently remove damaging compounds.

Taking a liver tonic may not only support the liver by enhancing and scavenging free radicals, but it also inhibits inflammation and improves immune defences. A liver tonic may not only improve the liver’s function but help to promote a healthy gall bladder system as well. A healthy liver also means our body will metabolise dietary fats which can of course be a good adjunct to weight loss.

For some, sticking to a detox diet for 2 weeks is too difficult. My advice is always, to do the best you can. Even if you can keep to the diet for a few days or a week, whilst taking a liver tonic, it is far better than doing nothing. If you don’t wish to undertake the liver detox diet, taking a liver tonic is a good start to help get your liver back on track.

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