Help For Stress And Anxiety

Help For Stress And Anxiety

Bev Dunne

As the festive season approaches, I often write about the prevention and treatment of stress and anxiety. Although Christmas is some 10 weeks away, I feel the anxiety levels in our community are already rising, not because of Christmas but because of the added factor of once again dealing with bushfires. Already we have seen customers in our store, feeling anxious and being reminded of our experiences 3 years ago.  I know I found listening to fire alerts and smelling bushfire smoke very confronting and like many, it took me back to our bushfire experiences in 2019/20.

I think it’s therefore this week appropriate to write about herbs that may help us to cope with stress and anxiety, as well as homeopathic and Bach Flowers which may also not only help adults but also our children and animals. We’re preparing our properties for what seems to be the inevitable terrible bushfire season, it’s also important to prepare our minds and bodies.

There are several herbs which I’ve found may work well in preventing and assisting with the treatment of stress and anxiety.

I love the herbs Withania and Rhodiola.  Withania sometimes known as Indian Ginseng has been used for around 4000 years in traditional Indian medicine. As with other well-known Chinese Ginsengs, it is wonderful for not only relieving stress but also increasing energy and endurance whilst under stress which I’m sure many of us are needing at the moment. It is important to also note Withania is an adaptogen herb which means it can adjust to psychological as well as physiological stress which is far more beneficial when preventing or treating stress.  Withania is also fantastic for calming the nervous system, treating anxiety and as well helping to lessen nervous exhaustion. Rhodiola is once again an adaptogen herb that allows our body to manage our stress in a more effective way. Whilst it is thought to be beneficial in strengthening the nervous system it is also believed to be helpful in treating mild depression, improving energy levels and sexual function plus improving memory and concentration.  It has been found to help with anxiety and panic attacks. It’s believed Rhodiola increases brain serotonin by up to 30% and is beneficial for improvement of mood and lowering of stress levels. Interestingly, there have been some indications Rhodiola may be helpful in overcoming some addictions, particularly cannabis addiction.

Other herbs which may also help with treatment of stress and adrenal support are Rehmannia and Licorice.

I have found homoeopathic formulas to also be helpful because they can work quite quickly, whereas sometimes herbs may take a little while to be effective. There’s a particular formula which I love and have sold for many years.  In fact, I have used it myself and found it to be very effective. Homoeopathics are also completely safe for children, and I’m certain there are many children who may be affected at this time. Bach flower remedies can also be helpful and are safe for children.  Our animals also become anxious in these times, and we’ve found Bach Flower remedies can be helpful.  They’re often used to help pets during thunderstorms and even when transporting animals.

If you wish to know more about treating or preventing stress and anxiety call in to see Bev and the team at, Go Vita, Your Health Shop at 5 North St in Batemans Bay or phone at 44729737.  Don’t forget to tune in to Bev on 2EC every Wednesday at 12.45 pm.