Mocktail Recipes

Mocktail Recipes

Bev Dunne

Hawaiian Pineapple Mango Mocktail

Ingredients – 1 Skinny Mocktail Coconut-Pine Swirl Powder; 2 tbsp fresh lime juice; 1 cup fresh pineapple; 1 cup frozen mango; ½ cup Bonsoy Organic coconut water; 1 cup ice cubes.

Method: Blend ingredients at high speed in blender. Prepare glass rims by slicing a lime wedge and using its juice to moisten the rim. 


Tropical Tango Zest

Ingredients – 1 Lime cut into wedges; ¼ cup mint leaves; 1 Skinny Mocktail Peach-Mango Crush Powder; 300ml sparkling water


Place lime wedges and fresh mint leaves in glass, crushing the leaves to release the flavours. Add Skinny Mocktail Powder together will sparkling water. Stir well and garnish with mint leaves.


Cherry Mocha Fizz

Ingredients – 1 Skinny Mocktail Choc-Cherry Espresso Powder; 1 cup crushed ice; ½ cup chilled water; ½ cup almond milk; fresh mint leaves for garnish

Method: Add 1 scoop crush ice into glass, then pour in ½ cup Milk Lab Almond Milk. Top with mint leaves.