Mocktails Aiding Digestive And Cognitive Support

Mocktails Aiding Digestive And Cognitive Support

Bev Dunne

Recently I’ve been writing about the delicious mocktail powders we have recently ranged in store. As I’ve previously written, not only are these mocktails healthy because they are alcohol free, they also contain a range of herbs, amino acids and minerals which may be helpful in weight management, digestive support, stress, anxiety and cognitive function.

Last week I wrote about the benefits of ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Bitter Orange, Grains of Paradise, Chromium Picolinate, White Tea Powder and Black pepper which have been included in these mocktail powders to assist in weight management. This week I’m expanding on these health benefits to include those ingredients included to help digestive support and focus and cognitive support.

Ingredients which may benefit Digestive Support include -

Inulin (Chicory Root) is a well-known prebiotic. We now know how important prebiotics are in our diet. By stimulating the growth of the good bacteria in our gut, prebiotics generally improve our gut health, improve digestion, relieve constipation and assist with other gut related health problems.

L-Glutamine is the amino acid I’m constantly writing about for maintaining good gut health. It helps with supporting normal growth and maintenance of our intestinal cells, as well as supporting our immune cells. L Glutamine is also thought to lessen fatigue and muscle soreness after exercise.

Aloe Vera Extract is another of my favourite supplements for gut health with its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties it is a must in a gut formula.

Chamomile as we know has great calming properties, not only assisting with reducing anxiety and helping with insomnia, but also acting as a digestive relaxant, aiding our gut health.

Bacillus Coagulans (Probiotic Lactospore) is a probiotic with various health benefits, however, is particularly beneficial for improving digestion, improving gut health enabling better nutrient absorption.

Ingredients which may assist in Focus and Cognitive Support include -

L-Tyrosine is another beneficial amino acid included which may improve cognitive function plus reduce stress. It is important for production of several necessary brain chemicals which may be beneficial for enhancing alertness, focus and memory.

Schisandra is an adaptogen herb which is often claimed to act like a tonic to our brain enhancing focus, concentration and memory. It may also aid adrenal function thereby increasing energy, plus reduce stress and fatigue.

L-Theanine is mainly found in black and green tea. This amino acid may assist in improving focus and attention plus reduce stress and anxiety. This may well be why enjoying a cup of tea helps us relax and feel a little more chilled.

So not only do we gain the health benefits of drinking our alcohol free mocktail, but we also gain these other health benefits PLUS these mocktails are super delicious!! with flavours such as Coconut-Pine Swirl, Choc-Berry Espresso, Melon-Berry Bliss, Peach-Mango Crush, Apple-Lychee Cooler.