Nurture Your Liver

Nurture Your Liver

Bev Dunne

At this time of the year it seems everybody’s going on holidays. Yes, for many it’s rest and recreation time plus party time! However, for the poor old liver there’s no R & R. For many, their liver just will not get a break at all – in fact in some cases it’s expected to work overtime, particularly through the festive season!!

To be fair, I really believe we should be giving this unfortunate organ as much help as we can.  It is one of the most important organs in our body – in fact the liver is a multifunctional organ. It not only detoxifies our body but also plays a part in our digestive function – also very important when we are eating all those rich and often fatty foods during the festive season. The detoxification role of our liver is in fact so essential, if it is not functioning well, our entire body can suffer making us feel unwell, run down and susceptible to infections. Now nobody wants to feel unwell and tired during their summer break.

Our liver is also responsible for metabolizing our fats, by producing bile, which then breaks down fats. By overburdening our liver, it is obvious we are more prone to weight gain which is why we often suggest a liver tonic for those wishing to lose weight. An overburdened liver can also make us feel bloated and very sluggish.

It is therefore understandable that taking a liver tonic at this time of the year is so important. A good liver tonic may improve our liver function and promote detoxification. One of my favourite liver tonics contains several herbs which have traditionally been used to promote healthy liver detoxification plus elimination of waste.

 Many would know of one of the most common and important herbs used in liver tonics - St Mary’s Thistle (Milk Thistle) which is thought to support the health and function of our liver cells. It is believed to be especially helpful in assisting to relieve digestive problems such as indigestion and bloating. I like this liver tonic because it contains a very high dosage of St Mary’s Thistle (18,000mg).

It also contains a high dosage of Globe Artichoke. This herb is thought to not only protect the liver but also has a protective and restorative effect on the gallbladder. Our gallbladder and liver work together and the globe artichoke may be especially helpful in aiding sluggish digestion which is often a problem at this time of the year, when we are consuming rich foods and maybe a little too much alcohol.

Taurine is also part of this liver formula. It is believed Taurine may help protect the liver from oxidative damage thereby ensuring the the liver cells efficiently remove damaging compounds.

Taking a liver tonic may not only support the liver by enhancing and scavenging free radicals, it also inhibits inflammation and improves immune defenses. A liver tonic may not only improve the liver’s function, it may also help to promote a healthy gall bladder system as well. A healthy liver also means our body will metabolize dietary fats which can of course be a good adjunct to weight loss.

So be kind to your liver. Just one tablet a day may help your liver recover from the overindulgences of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

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