Plastic Free July At Go Vita

Plastic Free July At Go Vita

Bev Dunne

July is an especially important month because not only are we trying to save our livers (Dry July) we are also trying to save our planet, with Plastic Free July. I’m sure we know how important both these causes are, however the reality is, the health of our planet is just as more important as the health of our bodies.

Plastic Free July is such an important global movement. It is imperative for us to stop, take stock and think seriously about how we can reduce plastic waste. When it comes to the realisation of just how much plastic we use, we only need to wander up and down the aisles of a supermarket. Product after product is packaged in plastic of some sort.

At Go Vita we have been very mindful of trying to reduce our plastic waste. We are constantly introducing initiatives to try to reduce plastic in store. Where possible we attempt to find product ranges which are not packed in plastic.

One range which I love and is a great hit with our customers is the Viva La Body hair, face and body care range. This innovative range is Australia’s first authentic zero waste sustainable beauty range. This means their range contains no plastic jars, no glass jars and no tins.

Their amazingly vibrant, colourful, awesome packaging is made from non-laminated cardboard. They use nontoxic, soy-based ink for the printing on their packaging and it is totally compostable. You can tear it up and put in your compost or better still use the little boxes for your seedlings.

Viva La Body was established in Darwin by husband and wife team, Micko and Jo who are passionate about using natural and sustainable ingredients. They have very cleverly created a range which contains uniquely solid body products which do not need to be stored in a bottle or a jar. These products are entirely handmade and are vegan and plant based, with no palm oil. They are ethically manufactured and cruelty free.

The Viva La Body range includes –

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars – Liquid shampoo and conditioners often comprise of 90% water. Because Viva La Body shampoos and conditioners are in a solid bar, they are concentrated and can last as long as three bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner. These products contain natural extracts, plant oils and butter and of course contain no harsh chemicals. The range of various shampoos caters to dry, damaged hair; oily hair; everyday normal hair; curly hair; and dry, flaky scalps. The conditioners cater to dry frizzy hair; curly hair; dry damaged hair; everyday normal hair; oily hair; and dry flaky scalps.

Face Bars – Once again the main ingredient in many face creams and cleansers is water. Because of this Viva La Body face cream, cleanser, serum and exfoliant are extremely economical. Their face bars cater to dry sensitive skin as well as normal skin.

Deodorant – This interesting addition to their range is extremely popular. The natural magnesium contained in the deodorant stick neutralises underarm odour and is great for sensitive skin. They come in a range of various essential oils – Lemongrass and Basis; Cinnamon and Patchouli; Cedarwood and Rose. For those with extra sensitive skins there is a deodorant with no essential oils. These natural deodorants are bicard free.

Insect Repellent – With no DEET and all-natural ingredients this repellent contains a blend of peppermint, lavender and citronella essential oils in addition to other oils including neem oil.

Shave Bar – This bar is great to use on your skin when shaving whether it be face, legs, underarms. It contains cocoa butter, lemongrass and Himalayan cedarwood essential oils.

Travel/Sample Packs - The shampoos, conditioners, face creams and cleansers also come in a convenient travel pack which are popular with customers. They are small enough to tuck in your luggage and of course you don’t need to worry about the extra weight of a bottle.