Positive Results For Urinary Tract Infections

Positive Results For Urinary Tract Infections

Bev Dunne

Urinary tract infections are very common and for many it is the bane of their lives. Believe me I know, I was once a chronic sufferer of urinary tract infections.  As with most illnesses, prevention is far better than cure and it’s therefore important to try to find the cause plus any exacerbating factors.  It is important therefore to ensure your immune system is healthy, you regularly flush your urinary tract by drinking sufficient water (at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day), practice good hygiene and take steps to prevent bacteria from attaching to walls of the urinary tract.

Probiotics are also necessary when looking to prevent urinary tract infections.  Often when there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut and bowel, it can migrate to the urinary tract setting up an infection.  It is therefore obvious a daily supplement of probiotics can assist in prevention of this condition. 

Obviously, if it is necessary to take antibiotics to treat the urinary tract or kidney infection, probiotics are even more important to build up the good bacteria.

To prevent any infection and particularly urinary tract infections it is imperative to maintain a healthy immune system.  Probiotics will help maintain a healthy immune system, however if you are a frequent sufferer of urinary tract infections, I strongly suggest taking an immune tonic containing astragalus, one of my favourite herbs.   

I’m sure most sufferers of regular urinary tract infections will have heard of cranberry juice being used successfully for this problem. It’s believed cranberry juice inhibits bacteria from adhering to the mucosal surfaces of the urinary tract, thereby preventing the bacteria from setting up an infection. To prevent ongoing urinary tract infections, I would suggest taking cranberry supplements instead of juice.  Cranberry juice is usually very high in sugar, and one needs to drink a large amount of juice to gain the preventative benefits.  It is much more beneficial to take a cranberry tablet.

Finally, if you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections, I will also look at taking a kidney tonic.  A kidney tonic containing Chinese herbs with specific energetic properties can assist in restoring and strengthening the kidney system and optimising kidney function.

Now I know this appears to be a lot of supplements to prevent urinary tract infections.  Firstly, if you suffer from urinary tract infections only occasionally, it isn’t necessary to take all these supplements however I would suggest taking the cranberry and probiotics regularly.

If you are a sufferer of recurrent urinary tract infections as I once was, I cannot tell you how much better I feel having followed the regime I have suggested.  Having tried many supplements over the years, in desperation I tried this regime of probiotics, a cranberry supplement, an immune tonic plus a kidney tonic.  For the first time in about 15 years, I was free of recurrent urinary tract infections.  It was like a miracle. I have suggested this regime to many of my customers who have suffered recurrent urinary tract infections, with similar positive results.

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