Professional Hair Colours Without the Nasties

Professional Hair Colours Without the Nasties

Bev Dunne

I’m sure with self-isolation, many of us are learning many new skills or polishing up on those we haven’t used for a while like baking, gardening, home maintenance, home tutoring and now I think a few of us can add hairdressing to this list!!

I know my hair is certainly starting to look a bit shabby and it is noticeable more customers have been enquiring recently about hair colours.

When it comes to hair colours, we have stocked natural hair colours for many years and it’s been interesting to observe how the quality of those hair colour ranges have improved over that time.

The range I now prefer is the Aromaganic range which is an Australian owned hair care and hair colour brand.

What sets this range apart is that Aromaganic guarantees never to use PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), ammonia, resorcinol, parabens or typical hair bleach in any of their hair colour formulas.

PPD is a concern particularly because it is thought to be one of the most allergy-prone ingredients found in hair colours. It is found in almost all hair colours, and unfortunately also in many of those hair colours claimed to be natural. PPD has been found to often cause symptoms such as itching of the scalp and face. It can also cause tingling, redness and burning of the scalp and sometimes even hives. It has been known to also cause the face and eyes to swell up which is very nasty.

We know ammonia is commonly used in hair colours. The reason for this is because the ammonia is used to expand the hair and expose the cuticle scales which allows the colour to get deep into the cortex. Unfortunately, it can play havoc with anyone suffering from a sensitive scalp or skin.

Resorcinol has been used often as a colouring agent and is believed to be harmful to our immune system. It can also cause allergies and irritate our skin.

Both Parabens and Resorcinol have often been of concern because they are thought to have possible oestrogenic effects. There is a worry they are in fact endocrine disrupting chemicals which interfere with the production, and removal of our hormones which are naturally present in our bodies. This may be linked to reproductive irregularities, cancers, and a range of other disorders.

I guess the question can be asked, if we remove these chemicals, how effective will the hair colour be. One of the reasons we initially chose this range for our store was because unlike most hair colours sold in retail stores, this range is tested and used by hairdressers in hairdressing salons. It is in fact a professional range.

The Aromaganic range contains 33 different certified organic ingredients with all these ingredients purchased and certified in Australia. None of their products are tested on animals.

The Aromaganic range offers 16 shades of colour. They have excellent full grey coverage although to get the best results for grey coverage we would suggest choosing a colour code ending with .0N.

CLICK HERE to see the full Aromaganic range.