Purify your pet

Purify your pet

Bev Dunne

We know Diatomaceous Earth has many health benefits for humans however it has also been found to be hugely beneficial for animal health.  

As I have written previously, Diatomaceous Earth is thought to be effective in cleansing parasites from our gut because it has a distinct chemical structure with microscopic sharp edges surrounding each particle, enabling it to gently exfoliate the gut.

It works similarly for animals. Instead of using toxic chemicals, Diatomaceous Earth eradicates the parasites by very cleverly using its microscopic sharp edges to penetrate the parasite’s outer coating causing it to dehydrate and die.  

This means it may be a natural de-wormer for pet animals.   It can be mixed in food and taken internally and has been found to rid the animal of worms within a week.  It is best however to supplement your animal with Diatomaceous Earth for at least a month.  This will then mean you kill the eggs which are hatching and any worms moving in and out of the animal’s stomach. As a de-wormer use ½ tsp for a small dog or a cat; 1 tsp for an animal under 22kg; 1 tbsp over 22kg and 2 tbsp over 45kg.

Diatomaceous Earth is also great for dealing with fleas and ticks on your animals.  Simply rub the powder into the animal’s coat, as well as sprinkling into their bedding. After a few days you can wash the powder off the animal then when dried, comb through the fur to remove any fleas and eggs that remain.  

Diatomaceous earth can also be used as a deodoriser. It can be sprinkled on the animal’s bedding, on carpet or in kitty litter.  Leave for a day or two then vacuum the carpet.

Diatomaceous Earth has also been found to be effective for poultry health. The Oxford Journal of Poultry Science in 2011 published a study indicating Diatomaceous Earth may assist in controlling internal parasites. Those hens fed Diatomaceous Earth had lower prevalence of infections and worm infestations. They were healthier, laid more eggs which were also higher in nutrients.(2)

Diatomaceous Earth is also useful for home pest control.  Yes, it’s never ending - what a multi purpose product!!  It has been found to be effective in eradicating ants, cockroaches, dust mites, fleas – even bed bugs.  Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is used by farmers when grain is stored to prevent insects from infecting the grain.

Be mindful when dusting the powder around the relevant areas that you do not inhale the powder. It is high in silica and can be detrimental to the lungs if inhaled regularly.

As with humans, always use food grade Diatomaceous Earth for our beloved furry friends.

(1)Virioplankton:Viruses in Aquatic Ecosy