Recovering From Covid

Recovering From Covid

Bev Dunne

Last week, because of the many enquiries from customers, we put together a suggestion sheet of supplements for treatment of the symptoms of Covid 19. We also suggested supplements which may assist in recovery from the virus. These supplements included Vitamin C and D, Zinc and Quercetin. We also suggested two herbal formulas.

When it comes to recovery, one of the prevalent ongoing symptoms is fatigue. Some have found fatigue seems to drag on when other symptoms have subsided. This is where it may be helpful to take a combination of herbs which we often suggest for recovery from many other viral illnesses. We often suggest this immune formula when we’re coming out of the cold and flu season, when many have been suffering from ongoing flu, viruses, and colds.

Astragalus which is one of my favourite immune herbs, is included in this formula. Astragalus has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. We have found it not only to be beneficial for recovery from ongoing viruses, colds and flu but also other viruses such as Ross River Fever, Glandular Fever as well as of Chronic Fatigue and even Chemotherapy. Now you know why it’s one of my hero herbs!

Astragalus is an immune regulator and is believed to help strengthen our immune system. It is also often added to other herbs to help upper respiratory infections and very importantly, works extremely well as a post infection recovery tonic.  Reishi Mushroom is another important ingredient in this immune formula. It is also an immune enhancer as well as containing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Reishi Mushroom is also often used in conjunction with Astragalus, to help as an immune modulator plus assists with energy levels. Also included are Shisandra and Licorice. Shisandra is another immune enhancer which helps with energy. Licorice, once again is a great herb which is an immune modulator with anti-viral properties. An important ingredient in this formula is Siberian Ginseng. This herb is well known for its ability to increase energy. It is also however believed to increase white blood cell counts, protecting the body against infection and acting as an immune booster.

Another of the ongoing symptoms when recovering from Covid 19 is a lingering cough. Once again one of my favourite herbal formulas which we often suggest during the winter flu season for persistent coughs is a great ‘go to’ formula for recovering from the symptoms of Covid 19.

This formula contains herbs such as elecampane and white horehound which are used for relieving bronchial coughs. Elecampane is traditionally used as a lung tonic and as an expectorant to reduce bronchial mucous congestion. White horehound is believed to be especially beneficial for spasmodic, dry or unproductive coughs. An interesting Chinese herb known as Balloonflower is included to help relieve coughs. Licorice and Thyme are also added to act as a decongestant and an expectorant, helping expel mucous and phlegm and as well, assist with catarrh. This combination should help relieve coughing as well as act a demulcent, soothing irritated mucous membranes.

Obviously, recovery from any illness and particularly this debilitating virus means pacing ourselves, having plenty of rest and making sure we eat good nutritious food.

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