Restore Your Gut Health After The Festive Season

Bev Dunne

So, the festive season has passed, and many are now back at work or getting on with their lives and unfortunately for many of us, it means dealing with the consequences of those overindulgences over the silly season. The increased consumption of alcohol, together with many of us eating more high-sugar, high-fat foods may mean we may need to deal with the fall out, meaning often gut and bowel health problems.

For some, this only happens after such indulgences however, in general, a huge percentage of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, bloating, reflux and indigestion. Many believe there’s nothing they can do to relieve this problem and just in silence. Generally, this is not the case and as you read further you will realize how important it is to address poor digestion and gut health. As I have often written, there are supplements that can help heal the gut and bowel thereby relieving these terrible symptoms.

One very popular gut formula contains some of the well-known gut healing products such as slippery elm. Slippery elm is a healer and anti-inflammatory to the gut and bowel, as is another ingredient, aloe vera leaf. These two ingredients are traditionally used to help promote healthy intestinal function and digestion. Globe artichoke is also included. Globe artichoke assists with liver support which also assists with good digestion.

One of the key and most important ingredients, however, is the amino acid, glutamine. Once again, I often write about glutamine when writing about gut health. This amino acid has been shown to assist in the production and repair of intestinal cells. Therefore, it is extremely important for maintaining a healthy intestinal lining and preventing Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs when partially digested food, toxins and bacteria pass through the small intestine and enter the bloodstream. Putting it simply, large spaces occur in between the cells that make up the wall of the gut, allowing the bacteria, toxins and food to enter into the bloodstream.

Digestion is therefore impaired because the damaged gut wall is unable to manufacture the enzymes that are vital to digestion. Unfortunately, when these toxins enter the bloodstream, our body reacts with such unpleasant symptoms including allergies and inflammatory bowel conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Arthritis, chronic fatigue, lupus, fibromyalgia, and diabetes have also sometimes been linked to Leaky Gut Syndrome. It is logical that many suffering from poor digestion also suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome – hence the need to address this problem.

This gut healing product also contains Chamomile which is traditionally used in herbal medicine to improve digestive weakness. We know turmeric can be helpful for treating inflammation which is why it may help treat inflamed tissues in the gut. Marshmallow root which is also included in this formula similarly has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Zinc has been found to be an important mineral for maintaining healthy gut bacteria which is why it is included in this formula. I’m pleased to see Inulin has been included. I have written previously about the prebiotic Inulin being helpful in feeding our gut flora and therefore being extremely beneficial in gut health.

So don’t suffer in silence – your gut health is so important and there are many steps you can take to restore good health and wellbeing.

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