The Benefits Of Plant-Based Calcium

The Benefits Of Plant-Based Calcium

Bev Dunne

Last week when writing about the benefits of Vitamin K2 for bone health, I mentioned the benefits of choosing a plant-based calcium over mineral-based calcium.

For decades we believed the best and probably only calcium supplements available were those extracted from minerals such as limestone. There are several types of calcium, however for some time, many have become aware of plant-based calcium, also known as green calcium. Instead of taking a calcium supplement derived from rock, many are now turning to the green calcium derived from algae.  

The calcium supplements often known as green calcium or plant-based calcium are derived from a form of red sea algae that thrives in the deep icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. These algae fronds over time accumulate and store ocean minerals. The mineral-rich fronds split away from the living organism, settling on the ocean floor, and then are harvested, leaving the living plant to regenerate. The fronds over a several-year lifespan become rich in minerals composed of approximately 34% calcium and 2.4% magnesium. They are also rich in other trace minerals and when ground into a powder become a natural mineral-rich supplement.

It’s believed minerals obtained from plants such as red algae are more absorbable than calcium and minerals obtained from rocks. Logically our body can break down plant compounds more easily than compounds extracted from rock. The unusual porous honeycomb-like makeup and greater surface area enable better absorption and utilisation of calcium in our body. The powder derived from this particular red sea algae contains over 70 marine trace minerals such as magnesium, manganese, silica, iodine, selenium, strontium and boron which are also beneficial for bone health.

As I wrote last week, I firmly believe it is also important that we supplement with Vitamin K2 when taking a calcium supplement. Vit K2 is needed to activate osteocalcin which helps bind the calcium to our bones. Taking 180mcg of Vit K2 daily has been found to be beneficial in healthy bone development as well as supporting bone mineralisation, bone health, mass, strength, and density. It is also extremely important to ensure the calcium we consume goes into our bones and not into our bloodstream, ending up in our arteries.

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