Weight Loss And Energy - One of Chlorella's Many Benefits

Weight Loss And Energy - One of Chlorella's Many Benefits

Bev Dunne

In my final article on this series on the health benefits of chlorella, I thought I would briefly touch on some of the other benefits of this amazing nutrient-dense freshwater algae.

I’m sure most of us, in our busy lives, would love to find a supplement which may naturally boost our energy levels. It’s pretty obvious because this nutrient-dense superfood comprises of such an incredible range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is in the box seat to help us sustain our bodies and nurture our well-being. Chlorella is comprised of many energy-enhancing nutrients which may work together to invigorate and rejuvenate our bodies. Importantly, chlorella contains an impressive source of bioavailable Vitamin B12 which we know is important for our energy production as well as to help support our nervous system.

As I have written previously, chlorella is a great detoxifier. By eliminating toxins from our body, it may assist our body to perform more effectively, thereby increasing our energy levels. Chlorophyll contained in chlorella is also believed to have revitalising effects on our bodies.

Chlorella also contains more iron and folate than any other plant-based foods. Obtaining iron from a plant-based source means it is less difficult to absorb and of course, because chlorella contains vitamin C it is even more absorbable.

Interestingly it’s also believed chlorella may be beneficial for athletes participating in exercise which requires significant aerobic endurance. A study of both men and women found taking chlorella increased oxygen uptake capacity when undertaking aerobic sports (1).

When I started researching chlorella, weight loss certainly wasn’t a benefit I imagined would come up in my research. However, a Japanese study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food declared that “chlorella intake resulted in a noticeable reduction in body fat percentage, serum total cholesterol and fasting blood glucose”(2) It’s also believed supplementing with chlorella may be effective in impeding the production of fat cells and shrinking existing fat cells. It’s been found chlorella may shrink fat cells by reducing the amount of fat held within these cells.

We know chlorella supports good gut flora which is beneficial for our digestive system. It is now thought there is a link between good gut health and obesity. Promoting good gut flora helps increase our feeling of fullness, increases absorption of nutrients, assists in balancing hormones, and creates more feel-good neurotransmitter which all helps in weight loss.

Because chlorella is so high in nutrients, we aren’t eating food depleted of good nutrients and are more likely to feel fuller for longer. Chlorella’s ability to balance blood sugars means it can be also helpful in reducing cravings.

I wrote recently about chlorella helping with fatty liver. Losing weight can be more difficult when suffering from fatty liver. This is another area where chlorella may be helpful with weight loss by improving our liver health.

So as a wrap-up, I can’t help but be impressed with this pretty incredible freshwater algae which I reiterate is nature’s gift to our good health and wellbeing. As I’ve previously written it just has so many health benefits, by being so nutrient-dense which almost creates a one stop health supplement.  

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