Will flu season ever end?

Will flu season ever end?

Bev Dunne

Yes, I know it is sometimes hard to believe, after suffering such a debilitating flu as many people have suffered in the past couple of months, that you will ever regain normal health.  

Of course, after suffering such terrible illness, it seems to take forever to recover.  Then to make things worse, often the flu or virus returns with a vengeance and once again you struggle to regain your energy levels and general feeling of well-being.

So, what can be done to hasten your recovery? Firstly, I would suggest, if you are still in the early stages of the virus or flu, it goes without saying, bed rest is essential.  Don’t be a martyr and try to battle your way through the illness. I suggest taking a very potent combination of herbs which can be taken in the acute phase of the cold or flu such Andrographis, Echinacea, Olive Leaf and Sacred Basil.  They are perfect to help fight off upper respiratory infections, sore throats, mucous congestion, fever, coughs plus aches and pains.  

Now, once the worst symptoms have subsided, but you still have a lingering cough, your energy levels are still not back to normal and you just feel like you need a boost, it’s time to bring in the ‘big guns’ –  Astragalus!  Yes, this is another of my favourite herbs. Why?  Because I can just about guarantee whenever a customer uses this product, they return delighted and grateful for the results they have experienced.  I find most people will experience quite a dramatic improvement in their feeling of wellbeing in a short period of time.  This herb is an immune regulator and works extremely well as a post infection recovery tonic.  Astragalus may assist in the rebuilding of stamina and endurance and by assisting your immune system you are guarding against repetitive colds and flu symptoms.  Basically, Astragalus should hasten your recovery from illness and assist in preventing you suffering further illness, when your immune system may well be weak and leaving you vulnerable. 

Other herbs which are often added to an Astragalus formula would be Reishi Mushroom.  This is also an immune enhancer as well as containing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  Siberian Ginseng is also often used in conjunction with Astragalus, as this herb is an immune modulator plus assists with energy levels. Shisandra, is another immune enhancer which helps with energy.  Licorice, once again is a great herb which is an immune modulator with anti-viral properties.

It is important to note you should not take Astragalus whilst you are suffering from a fever which is why I would suggest the other formula I have mentioned.  Once the fever has subsided you can start on the Astragalus.