Casalare Rice Crumbs 330gm

Ground Puffed White Rice (Rice Flour, Salt, Rice Bran)

Casalare Rice Crumbs are perfect for coating meat, fish, patties, or as a crumb base for your favourite dessert. These rice crumbs give a wonderful crispy golden brown coating. Perfect for baking or frying. Partially puffed medium grain rice produced by controlled heat treatment, ground to a crumb for use in place of regular bread crumbs.



      Per 110g Per 100g
    Energy 1760KJ 1600KJ
    Protein 10.2g 9.3g
    Fat, total 2g 1.8g
    - Saturated <1g <1g
    Carbohydrates 89g 81g
    - Sugars <1g <1g
    Sodium 712mg 647mg
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Casalare Rice Crumbs 330gm

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