Essential Nutrition Vitamin K2

In a nutshell: Vitamin K2 makes calcium work.

Bone is comprised of a hard outer shell and spongy inner tissue matrix, which is a living substance. The entire skeleton is replaced every seven years. This process is regulated by osteoblasts, cells that build up the skeleton, and osteoclasts, cells that break down the skeleton. As long as the bone-­‐forming activity (absorption) is greater than the bone-­‐breakdown (resorption), the process of maintaining healthy bones will be kept under control.

Osteoblasts produce a vitamin K-­‐dependent protein called osteocalcin. This protein helps bind calcium to the bone matrix, leading to increased bone mineral content. Consequently, the skeleton becomes more resistant and less susceptible to fracture. Osteocalcin needs vitamin K2 to function optimally.

  • Improve intestinal calcium absorption
  • Contribute to normal calcium blood levels
  • Improve bone calcium mineralisation

Essential Nutrition features MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK‐7 from NattoPharma ASA in Norway, the only company sponsoring long‐term clinical trials for the therapeutic benefits of Vitamin K2. MenaQ7® and is patented in Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Europe.

Solid, reputable nutritional supplement manufacturers formulate supplements based on scientific research, buying the best raw materials to ensure their products will deliver what they promise. That is exactly what you are getting when you purchase Essential Nutrition.

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Essential Nutrition Vitamin K2

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