The practical vegetable stock cubes are easy to use and also contain fat, alongside various flavouring ingredients. For one thing, the fat makes for the typical shape of the cube and also gives it its particularly full-bodied note. All stocks are based on purely plant-based raw materials and are therefore ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Produced without the addition of palm oil; shea butter is used instead. Shea butter is a vegetable oil which is obtained from the nuts of the shea tree. This occurs in the naturally wooded areas south of the Sahara. The shea nuts needed for the production of shea butter are picked by hand and pre-processed locally.


Sea salt, shea butter*, vegetables 11,5 % (onions*, carrots*, leek*, onions roasted*), maize starch*, raw cane sugar*, parsley*, lovage leaves*, garlic*, tumeric*, nutmeg*, pepper*

Free from Gluten, Yeast, MSG, Flavour Enhancers

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Naturata Organic Gluten Free Stock Cubes

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