Pacific Harvest Chilli Seaweed & Sesame Furikake Seasoning 50gm

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds 48%, Seaweeds 35%, Raw Sugar, Salt, Spices (Capsicum 3%), Sunflower Oil, Soy Sauce Powder, Spice Extracts.

Chilli Furikake seasoning is a popular seaweed and sesame seasoning that Japanese traditionally add to rice, a popular product in Asian supermarket aisles.

Pacific Harvest’s mouth-watering Chilli furikake seasoning contains a blend of all three vegetable colours (red, green and brown – so you can eat the seaweed rainbow!) in one product, with a gently spiced Asian chilli, lovingly blended with natural MSG free flavouring.  It will add wonderful flavour and a boost of nutrient intensity to whatever you desire to sprinkle it on! This furikake seasoning range is gluten and dairy free, and blended to preserve the magical flavour of traditional Japanese furikake. Local ingredients are used wherever possible.

Transform rice, roasted, blanched or raw vegetables, or try in savoury baking. Use as a garnish on pasta or noodles or stir fries, salads, poke bowls, fish or chicken, soups …. the options are endless.

If you are new to seaweed this is an easy way to get started. Take it to the office to sprinkle on your lunch, or just pop it on the table at home with your other seasonings to make it easy to add a little seaweed everyday.

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Pacific Harvest Chilli Seaweed & Sesame Furikake Seasoning 50g

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